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Healthy Tips To Help You Catch Some Z’s

Healthy Tips To Help You Catch Some Z’s

Healthy Tips To Help You Catch Some Z's

Rather than drinking a gallon of Ny-quill before you head to bed or not being able to sleep, try these healthy tips to help you catch some Z’s! These are some healthy ways to get a good night’s rest that don’t involve unhealthy habits. This is good because a lot of the time the reason we cannot sleep is due to our daily habits throughout the day like drinking way too much caffeine or working your brain so much right before bed. Even if you are drinking or doing drugs to go to sleep you might knock out right away and sleep hard, but that does not mean you are getting a good night sleep. Drinking and drugs affect our REM sleep which is the most important part of our sleep cycle. Use these healthy tips to help you get a good night sleep and be ready for the day in the morning.

1. CBD Oil

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in marijuana and hemp that does not get you high. Cannabis has been used for centuries and this part of cannabis to induce sleep. CBD has been found to treat several health problems like pain and anxiety. Two things that can make it hard for people to fall asleep. When people are in pain it is hard to focus on relaxation because all you can focus on is the pain you are in. Whether that pain is disease ridden or you have a headache or stomach ache, just intake some CBD and you’ll be on your way to a good nights sleep! You can get CBD from your closest smoke shop (and as of January 1st, any dispensary) for a good night sleep that is not harmful to your health!

2. Meditation

As we talked about before anxiety is another leading reason for someone to have a hard time falling asleep. One of the healthy tips you need to know when trying to get a good night sleep is to relax your brain. You can, of course, do this with CBD oil, but another way to do this is with meditation. Meditation allows you to turn your brain off and just focus on what the narrator is saying to you. Sure your mind is going to drift away from the meditation, but most of the time it does not seem like you are drifting away into an anxiety spiral, but just thoughts about life in general. Then the meditation reminds you to come back to your centering thought and you will eventually (typically sooner than later) drift off to sleep. There are meditations specifically to sleep. Just look up some bedtime meditations and you’re good to go!


3. White noise

If you don’t want to listen to a story or someone speaking to you, whether that’s meditation or the television, white noise may be for you. This, among other healthy tips, is going to help you sleep with just a little bit of noise rather than waiting for sleep to happen in the dark. When you are just sitting in the dark waiting to fall asleep it can sometimes feel impossible. You know the nights I’m talking about. You are laying in bed, tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable and then you look at the time and it’s somehow 5 in the morning and you have to wake up in 2 hours. Crap! Well sometimes having something specific to focus on helps our brain relax and fall asleep sooner than later. Focusing your attention on the sound of ocean waves or rain, either in real life, or on YouTube can really help you pass out.

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4. Warm bath or shower

After a long busy day, our brains are going 1 million miles per hour. This can do one of 2 things. It can either help you knock out as soon as your head hits the pillow because you’re so damn tired from everything you did in a day, or it can mean your mind is not yet ready to shut off. This happens especially when your brain is especially active before bed. At the end of the day just run a warm bath or take a hot shower to slow yourself down and get ready for bed. Just taking a deep breath and relaxing in the warmth is going to calm down your brain and prepare you for bed.


5. No blue light

You want to get the melatonin in your brain going. Melatonin is the chemical in your brain that is going to make you fall asleep. It is activated when darkness creeps its way into your bedroom. However, it is harder for it to work, when there is light surrounding you. That means you should not be using technology right before you go to bed! The blue light from your phone or laptop prevents that melatonin from producing making it harder and harder for you to fall asleep. Have you ever been watching Netflix in bed and you just keep telling yourself “okay just one more episode” because you know you’re tired, but just keep watching? That is you preventing that melatonin from flowing! Not to mention being on social media right before bed can cause anxiety which, like we said before, can prevent you from sleeping as well. When it comes to healthy tips to help you sleep, this is a super big one as we all seem to be victims to social media!

What healthy tips do you use to help you fall asleep during those restless nights?

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