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5 Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

5 Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

5 Healthy Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

In the summer it is so tempting to want to eat unhealthy foods. I mean, if summertime is ice cream season, and it’s impossible to not go anywhere without seeing someone with an ice cream in hand or pass by a shop, how the heck do you not eat the ice cream? However, if you are feeling those sweet cravings, here are a few sweet and low-calorie options to keep your diet on track this summer!

1. Strawberry Short Cake

A traditional classic, but good all the same. A slice of decadent shortcake and a few strawberries added topped off with some cool and fresh whip cream is the perfect summer dessert. And the best part is, it’s only a little over 100 calories per serving. You can either purchase the shortcake at the supermarket or make it your own if you so please to be in full control of what is going into your dessert. Either way, you’re in for a real treat!

5 Healthy Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

2. Popsicles

Nothing cools you down in the summer like a popsicle. While it is a staple in the summertime, the treatment is often overlooked for ice cream. But with a popsicle, you can have multiple pops and still take in far fewer calories than ice cream. So go ahead and put down than scooper and reach for that plastic encased refresher!

5 Healthy Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

3. Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate does truly make everything better. And the best part is you can add it to your fruit and not have to worry about the sweet topping adding too many calories onto your dessert. While strawberries are for sure the most common and typically thought of when it comes to chocolate covered fruit, bananas, apples, blueberries clementines, melon, and even kiwis have been added into the mix. The best part about this dessert is that it’s simple and fun to do. Just melt some chocolate and dip!

5 Healthy Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

4. Fruit Salad

Obviously, if you’re eating just a dish of all fruit, it’s bound to have health benefits. But a lot of the time fruit salad can be mixed the wrong way if the fruit inside is not totally fresh and if not chilled properly. Also, be sure to add a little whip cream on top of this dessert. It adds to the feeling that it is actually a treat and not just a diet snack.

5 Healthy Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

5. Gelato

This Italian treat is so delicious that it’s hard to believe that is not too high in calories and lower in fat. The dessert has far fewer calories than ice cream and a lot of the time has more of a rich taste in flavor. And while you’re thinking the product is hard to find, a lot of ice cream shops are incorporating the dessert into their inventory to give their customers a healthier alternative. So say ciao to some gelato!

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5 Healthy Sweet Low Calorie Summer Desserts

In the summertime, it is so hard to maintain a healthy diet. There are so many summer specific treats like smores, ice cream, and cherry pie. Also when it sometimes might seem convenient on a hot day to just get whatever closest and cheapest. However, you should be trying to eat your best in the summer.

While everyone has different yearly schedules, most people are busiest throughout the year and have more free time in the summer. In addition to time, the availability of these products is heightened as the degree of freshness to your fruit is at an all-time high. So while you have the time, make sure to be consuming the best possible dishes for your health.

This is not to say that you can’t cheat here and there. Of course, you should TREAT YOURSELF! But in general if you’re looking for a nightly option, none of these desserts are all quite tasty, so put down your typical dessert and go for the healthier option!

Any favorite healthy desserts of your own? Share with us your thoughts in our comments section!

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