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10 Healthy Sugar Snacks You Won’t Feel Guilty About Eating Later

10 Healthy Sugar Snacks You Won’t Feel Guilty About Eating Later

10 Healthy Sugar Snacks You Won't Feel Guilty About Eating Later

Sugar is awesome, but it can leave you feeling a bit guilty later. One day you eating a tasty bag of Skittles and the next you’re wondering how bloated you become. You shouldn’t have to always feel guilty about eating sugar. That’s why I’m here to give you 10 healthy sugar snacks that won’t leave you feeling guilty later.

1. Salted Chocolate Snack Bars

Sweet. Salty. Healthy. Always good for a morning break. These tasty bars are the perfect sugar snacks for anyone wanting to start their day off right. You can get them in cherry, sour, or even with almonds. Yum!

10 Healthy Sugar Snacks You Won’t Feel Guilty About Eating Later


2. Almond Butter Cups

Add coconut oil with cocoa powder with your sweetener of choice, and you have your almond butter cups. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt and roughly 3/4 cup of almond butter. Tasty, delicious, and healthy.

3. Grapefruit

Citrus fruits are always a good sugar snack. The low-glycemic index fruit has less of a blood-sugar raising effect. You can add the grapefruit to any dish and wouldn’t totally feel out of place. The perfect sugar snack to put in your child’s lunchbox.


4. Less Sugar Greek Yogurt

Obvious but all so creamy. A total of 8 grams of sugar per serving. Yogurt has natural occurring sugar, which means don’t expect to have a sugar rush afterwards. High in protien, low in sugar, and great for those middle of the road days when you want sugar but can’t have too much of it.

5. Apples with peanut butter

A old classic. We all remember dipping those apples bites into peanut when we were young. Why stop then? This sugar snack is tasty as any peanut butter and J sandwich. A great high-fiber snack to energize you. Add a bit of variety by mix and matching with other nut butteries, and you got yourself a good deal.

6. Homemade Chocolates

One of the best sugar snacks around, and it’s homemade! All you need are some cupcake liners, a cupcake tin, and a few simple ingredients. The key nutrient is the iron from cocoa powder. Add in your own fillings like berries, bananas, cashews, and more. Life has never been sweeter, nor healthier.


10 Healthy Sugar Snacks You Won’t Feel Guilty About Eating Later

7. Banana Mug Cakes

I love these little things. When it comes to sugar snacks nothing satisfies your taste buds more than a warm, rich mug of banana bits. Cook in the microwave for about 5 minutes and enjoy this savory mug of goodness. Good if you have too many ripe bananas and have the tendency to eat too much pound cake.

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8. Pickles

Low calories and easy for to carry. Pickles are a staple of low sugar snacks for those long walks to the park. Research has also found that the vinegar in pickles can lessen the effect on blood sugar, especially to those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. Pickles also round out your typically daily diet. In fact, a single pickle spear counts as about a quarter-cup of vegetables. Now that’s one hell of a snack you won’t feel guilty about eating later.

10 Healthy Sugar Snacks You Won’t Feel Guilty About Eating Later


9. Hummus Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Referred to as ‘salad eggs’ during early 18th century, deviled eggs are a great substitute to foods with high cholesterol. With even lower fat than the traditional deviled egg, sriracha puts it back to it’s spicy roots, replacing the yolk with hummus and adding a bit of healthy mayo. Highly addictive and so satisfying.

10. Nuts and Seeds

The perfect sugar snacks to keep you full and energize. Used to in a variety of ways, they can be just what you need to put confidence back into your eating habits.


What other healthy sugar snacks do you eat on a regular basis? Comment below and be sure to share this.

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