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5 Healthy Snacks You Need In Your Life

Eating healthy is definitely a lifestyle. That is the number one thing people get wrong when they try to go on a diet. There is no such thing as a diet. A diet is the food we consume, it is not something that it meant to be temporary. People seem to gain all their weight back because they are making too many drastic changes to ensure any sort of permanent change. It is totally unreasonable to never eat a cookie or ice cream or at your favorite fast food restaurant ever again. It is all about moderation. If you have a can of coke once after a week after eating everything you are supposed to, you will be okay! So rather than eating all unhealthy snacks, cut it down to once in awhile. In the meantime, here are 5 healthy snacks you need in your life. They taste great and make you feel great!

1. Almonds

The healthiest almonds you can eat are raw. They contain the most nutrients for you, but that goes for anything. If you are eating salty almonds, that’s better than eating a roll of cookies! These need to be in your pantry especially if you have a taste for something a bit salty. Instead of eating a large McDonald’s fry to satisfy that craving just pick up this tasty snack! They are easy and you can not only eat them while you are sitting on the couch, but on the go as well. Either bring the whole bag or throw some into a sandwich baggie and you are good to go! Almonds are not only filled with nutrients, but antioxidants as well! They are one of the many healthy snacks that is an absolute must! 

2. Popcorn

No, I do not mean popcorn that is loaded with butter, salt, candy, and any other seasoning you might add to your movie time snack. I mean natural popcorn! Lightly salted maybe, but good for you all the same. When you walk into the popcorn isle, rather than picking up movie theatre style popcorn that is full of processed ingredients that are not so healthy, pick up something that literally says on the box healthy popcorn! If you really want to get serious and research which popcorn would be best for you by looking at the nutrient label, try not to focus on the calorie count. You can always burn those calories off. Look at the number on saturated fat or the amount of sodium! That is where you can get yourself into trouble. When it comes to healthy snacks, the more natural the better.

3. Fruit

Fruit, little do most people know it, has a lot of sugar and calories. It is natural sugar, but sugar all the same. Why do you think it tastes so good? For fruit, you are really going to have to rely on moderation. It is good for you, and of course better for you than chips and pop, but it still has a lot in it if you never stop eating it. Fruit is so great for you though, because of all the nutrients it has to offer. You should only be eating the recommended serving. If that doesn’t fill you up, pair it with some cottage cheese which is another one of the greatest healthy snacks! The recommended daily serving of fruit is two servings, but within those two servings you need to be eating a variety of different kinds as each fruit has different nutrients to offer! 

4. Veggies

Veggies can be eaten by the boatload. They contain no calories and all of the nutrients you need to get though life. People need to eat those fruits and veggies to be getting all of the nutrients you need, because they both provide a huge supply of both. But, veggies? Veggies have no consequences! Because there are no calories in the veggies, it is not going to harm you to pair this snack with a bit of dip! Try hummus or your favorite dressing. Some dips are definitely going to be not so good for you since most of them are processed and come with a lot of sodium, saturated fat, and calories, but as long as you are eating in moderation, a little bit of dip is not going to destroy your entire healthy eating lifestyle. When it comes to healthy snacks, this one is dynamite. It can be fancy to serve at your next gathering or thrown into a sandwich bag and taken with you to your doctors appointment. It is recommended to eat 3 servings of veggies everyday. Just like fruit, make sure you are eating a variety!

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5. Whole grain bread with peanut butter and banana

This is one of those aesthetically pleasing snacks you see all over Pinterest and IG. The truth is though, it’s a good one! The whole grain bread is PACKED with nutrients. Sure there are carbs, but a little bit of carbs are good for you. Plus they really are water under the bridge considering all of the benefits that come with whole grain bread like protein, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Pair that with the peanut butter and banana and you are in for a tasty and nutritious snack! The peanut butter provides even more protein into your snack and the banana gives you the potassium! K? Potassium is great for your heart and bone health. Two things you absolutely need to survive. Plus it can really help you out in the gym! 

What healthy snacks do you want to try incorporating into your life? Comment them below!

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