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Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

Healthy Snack Ideas, Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

Don’t kid yourself, we all love to snack. However, not all snacks are bad. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while it is OK to splurge and eat a couple Doritos or Oreos. But realistically, those snacks are filled with artificial flavors and different ingredients that are good for our bodies and should only be eaten in moderation. There are so many good and healthy snacks to try. With fall right around the corner, the ideas become more cozy.

Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

Below are just a few healthy snacks ideas you need to try this fall. Start becoming more comfortable in the kitchen and test out these snack ideas. Whether you are looking to have a girls night and want to incorporate a couple healthy snacks or maybe just a night in with a glass of wine, these are perfect for an occasion.

1. Cinnamon popcorn

Popcorn has always been a crowd favorite. It’s simple and easy. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making popcorn. But before you run to the movie theater and have it doused in butter, air pop it at home for a healthy take. Air popping popcorn kernels on the stove eliminates the butter and flavorings that come in the prepackaged bags. For a fall feel, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. It gives it a sweet flavor that mimics kettle corn but it much healthy. Cinnamon has a ton of health benefits too so by adding it to popcorn, you’re doing something good for your body even though it feels like a treat. If you want to be even more adventures, add a teaspoon of sugar on top too.

Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

2. Almonds

Nuts contain healthy fats that our bodies need. Almonds can help lower cholesterol levels and have been found that if eaten as part of a low-calorie diet, they may aid in weight loss. To give them a yummy fall flavor, try by tossing them in different spices. Coating them with a little cinnamon and sugar then popping them into the oven to roast, gives them a wonderful flavor and texture. Just remember that everything can be good in moderation. These are so good, you’re going to want to eat an entire batch. Check out, Allrecipes for a declious healthy fall snack.

3. Crunchy Chickpeas

Yum! Chickpeas can be used in a ton of different ways but roasting them is next-level delish. These crunchy chickpeas can be used as croutons on a salad or just for a quick snack before heading out the door. There are so many variations of spices to add to chickpeas but they’re simple to make. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and wash off a can of chickpeas. Pat them until they are completely dry then toss in a little bit of olive oil. The best part is, is you can add any spices to give them a good flavor. I personally like to add garlic, onion, cayenne pepper and turmeric with a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. The combo is perfect. Roast them 30 to 40 minutes and toss the little peas around to get an even crisp. The flavor combos are endless and the health benefits are even better.

4. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are a tiny little seed that contain a lot of health benefits. They hold omega 3s which are essential for our bodies. The best thing about this pudding is that it’s healthy for you! There are tons of different recipes to follow but it’s simple. Just mix chia seeds and your favorite milk (I prefer almond or oat) and let the chia soak up the liquid. In just an hour or two the chia will become gelatinous and give off the pudding like texture. To make it a healthy snack for fall, try adding in a little bit of pumpkin purée and pumpkin spice. It’s a simple treat but a decadent one.

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5. Apple Ring Cookies

A plain apple can be boring but none-the-less, apples are a juicy treat that can satisfy any sweet craving. Next time you want a cookie, grab an apple instead. Cut the apple into rings and cut out the middle core. Spread peanut butter on each “cookie” and top it off with a couple of semi-sweet chocolate chips. There are so many ways to spice up your apple ring cookies so test out a couple of different combinations to find which one is your favorite.

Eating healthy can be difficult but it is rewarding. Beauty comes from within and the things we put into our bodies reflect the way our skin glows, our hair shines and how we feel overall.

Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

Healthy Snack Ideas, Healthy Snack Ideas You Need To Try This Fall

So test out these healthy snack ideas for fall and lets us know which one made you ready to take on a healthy lifestyle in the comments below.

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