10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

The food scene in Chicago is one of a kind. From their notorious deep-dish pizza to the Italian beef, the list of restaurants in Chi-town that cater some of the greatest and most unique dishes is endless. That includes all of the health spots too! Chicago is full of healthy restaurants with menus full of all kinds of delicious food, food that won’t make you feel guilty or completely bloated after you leave. Keep reading to find out which!

1. Left Coast

We all know that the West Coast is big on healthy restaurants and promoting a healthy lifestyle in general. It’s no secret that Left Coast was inspired by such. Everything on the menu is fresh! You’ll find a great selection of salads, wraps, fresh juices and smoothies. You can come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They have yummy options for all times of the day. There are also three locations. Lincoln Park, River North, and The Loop.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

2. True Food Kitchen

This one has to be one of my favorite healthy restaurants to ever exist! Not only do they have both vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, but gluten-free as well. Located in River North, this health-focused restaurant is especially known for its use of fresh and seasonal ingredients, something that makes their dishes stand out from all the rest. From the organic Tuscan kale salad to the edamame dumplings, there is something on this menu for everyone — even pizza!

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

3. Beatrix

With locations in over four parts of Chicago, River North, Streeterville, Fulton Market, and Oak Brook, this restaurant is a must go if you love finding healthy takes on your favorite foods. Their brunch, lunch, and dinner options range from a whole variety of delicious meals, so you won’t have to feel too guilty about what you eat from here.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

4. Protein Bar & Kitchen

If you’re in a rush yet still want to stay on track, Protein Bar & Kitchen is just right for you. They have a seasonal menu, breakfast scrambles, smoothies packed with protein, salads and wraps, soups, the list goes on. Their spinach and pesto bowl is one of my favorite menu items. It includes all-natural chicken, nut-free pesto, spinach, and parmesan. Leaving this place with an empty stomach is impossible.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

5. The Little Beet Table

Located in the Gold Coast, this cute restaurant has a menu that is 100% gluten-free. A lot of their dishes are vegetable-forward too, which is one of the many great things about this place. They have all the greens and grains you can think of. They even have tacos! You can choose between the cauliflower and mushroom tacos or the chipotle pork carnitas tacos.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

6. Real Good Juice Co.

Cold-pressed juices will forever have my heart. This eatery has them all. They also have locally sourced and organic smoothies, salads, and bowls. One of their most well-known menu items is the avocado toast. It’s sprinkled with fresh herbs, crushed red pepper, olive oil, and pickled carrot. Seriously, does it get any better than that? There are more than three locations and the company is only growing, so I’m sure more will pop up in the future.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

7. Graze

Their menu is simple, easy, and quick. Smoothies and açaí bowls. Now if you’ve never had an açaí bowl before, then go here! My favorite is the dragonfruit one. It’s pretty to look at and perfect for a cool down from the blazing summer heat. It has pineapple, banana, papaya, mango, lime, goji berry, coconut, hemp seeds, agave, and granola. They have four locations (Near North, Lincoln Park, River North, and The Loop).

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

8. Blue Door Farm Stand

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, this restaurant has a menu full of healthy options. At Blue Door, they believe in using the seasons to dictate what should be on the plate. Their brussels and kale salad is mouth-watering. Toasted almonds, bacon, parmesan cheese, and maple tahini dressing? They really know how to take their salads to the next level. If you’re craving fresh and crisp food, come here as soon as possible.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

9. Aloha Poke

Inspired by the Haiiwan poke bowl, Aloha Poke offers fresh quality meals that promote a healthy lifestyle. If you’re a lover of seafood, you should definitely stop by if you haven’t already. You can make your own bowl and top it with whatever you’re in the mood for. They also have sides! Seaweed salad, edamame, and miso soup.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

10. Doc B’s

Located in both River North and the Gold Coast, Doc B’s Kitchen & Bar serves up a variety of fast and fresh meals for you to indulge in. They have burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and pizza. If you’re picky with your salads, then coming here is a great pick for you because they have eight delicious ones to chose from! You’ll leave satisfied regardless of what you order.

10 Healthy Restaurants To Try In Chicago Right Now

Don’t all of these healthy restaurants sound too good to be true? Comment down below which one you’re eager to try or which one you’ve had before and loved!

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