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10 Healthy Meal Suggestions You Need To Try

10 Healthy Meal Suggestions You Need To Try

Are you trying to get healthier? Or, are you simply wanting to eat better? Get in shape?

These ten meals are the best options to become healthier, more in shape, and possibly- live longer.

1) Poke Bowl

Now, many poke restaurants have this sort of concept. Choose a base, a protein, then add your sides. But, it is always more healthy when you make it at home.


So, I recommend starting with a rice base, but you can use salad if you are cutting out carbs. After add protein, I usually go for salmon and crab. Still, there is also chicken, shrimp, or tuna (tofu for vegetarians). Next, my personal favorite, add the sides- seaweed salad, tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, corn, onion, and others… Finally, add the sauce of choice to give it more taste (you can add a spicy sauce if that is your element).

This is a great option. These bowls are usually high in protein. They include heart-healthy fats (fish, avocado, seeds), packed with fiber (veggies, whole grains), and are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Remember- a healthy dish is way more than just a low-calorie count. Keep in consideration the amount of protein, vitamins, and other beneficial nutritional aspects.


2) Baked Salmon

Salmon has endless benefits, from lowering blood pressure to being weight-loss friendly, and a source of vitamins and minerals. This fish is a low-calorie protein.

When baking it, we avoid using oil or butter, making a meal low in saturated fat while being an excellent protein source.
Very easy to make: put the salmon in a pan lined with aluminum foil, bake alongside vegetables, and then the best part- eat it!


3) Polenta

Polenta is a good food choice because it is a great fiber source, while also containing protein; it is gluten-free and a complex carbohydrate. Polenta is perfect for quick weight loss, as it is both low in calories and fats. 

Recipe: Put water to boil in a large saucepan and salt, polenta, and gradually mix the concoction until it is tender. Stir often. 

4) Vegan Pizza

When you crave a pizza (admit it, it happens to the best of us), this option is a healthier, plant-based, low-calorie meal that will live up to your cravings. With plant-based ingredients, you are skipping all the saturated (unhealthy) fats. You are avoiding clogging those arteries with grease.


The key is to stick the fresh veggies, herbs, and ingredients on your pizza, add the sauce, and then the toppings!

5) Czech Goulash Soup

Now, this soup will have you craving it for days, and wanting to eat bowls on top of bowls. This is originally a healthy soup or stew filled with tender beef, and onions spiced with paprika. This soup is very popular in Eastern Europe, but many cultures have their own version of it; some stew-like and thick, others more brothy. 


6) Cajun Chicken

This is a healthy meal because chicken is a great source of protein and a Cajun method is a very tasty option at that. It has tons of flavor because of its spice mix.

You can make your own spice mix by adding paprika, garlic powder, oregano, thyme, onion powder, cayenne pepper, red flakes, and chili powder. Next, sprinkle your mix onto the cutlets and let it sit. You can either grill, pan-fry, or bake the chicken. 


7) Ground Turkey Tacos

These Turkey Tacos are saucy, flavored, healthy, and super fast to make (if you are in a rush, but still want to eat well). This is a well-rounded meal full of protein, veggies, carbs, and unsaturated fats. 

This is also more healthy than going for a ground beef option, as it has fewer calories and less fat, but both provide many healthy nutrients. 

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Tacos are also a great portion-control method, they are small, allowing you to keep calorie intake controlled. I would suggest going for a baked corn tortilla if you are trying to cut out carbs- as they have more fiber and fewer carbs and fat than their flour counterparts. 

8) Italian Pasta Salad

This is a great meal if you are in the mood for pasta, but want to limit carbs and calories. Though this option may be one of the least caloric and fat conforming from our list, it is important to feed your mind. If you are craving pasta- eat a pasta salad paired with vegetables, a healthy dressing, and some fresh herbs. 

9) Sushi

Now, this is a crowd-pleaser, and if you make your own sushi at home, with more protein and less of all those greasy, unsaturated sauces- this is one of the tastiest and best options to feed your stomach and your cravings. 


Sushi is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, because of all the fish used. It is low in calories and there is no added fat. Healthy and tasty? Win, win!

Making sushi at home can be quite tricky as it requires some additional machines (sticky rice machine, sushi roller) but if you have what you need- then make yourself some sushi,, and learn some Japanese! You are one step away from becoming a healthy, Japanese influence. 

10) Fruit Salad

We are going to end with a dessert – for all the sweet-toothed people out there. This one is quite simple- add a bunch of fruit together and enjoy all their distinct tastes in one sitting. 


This is an option that is filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Can you imagine an inclusion of all your favorite fruits in one salad?

This is also a great option for energy before a workout, or if you need a metabolism boost when feeling poorly.


I hope you try these healthy meals, because I even got hungry writing this, so I might go make myself a poke bowl. 

Please remember to feed your body, but also your mind. Good food is important, but feeling fulfilled and happy with what you ate is even more important.