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Healthy Lunchbox Foods For When You Want To Save Money

Healthy Lunchbox Foods For When You Want To Save Money

When school’s back and running, you want to make sure that you’re packing healthy lunchbox foods. It’s easy for you or your kids to succumb to the dreaded vending machine, but at least give fruits and veggies a try. Whether your lunchbox is red, blue, or plastered with the bat signal, there should be two or more healthy items inside. Here are some healthy lunchbox foods for when you want to save some money.

1. Yogurt 

Pack a yogurt the next time you getting ready for school. Yogurt has become one of the best healthy lunchbox foods to purchase at the grocery store. Not only is yogurt a great source of protein, but it also provides minerals and vitamins while also being low in calories. The Daily Council of California suggested that children ages 4-8 should consume 2 to one-half servings. Yogurt is also an essential component of a diet designed to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Health nerds should know about the benefits of consuming Greek yogurt. This health food is also versatile, so you or your kids can have fun dipping other healthy foods inside the yogurt to give it an extra flavor.

Healthy Lunchbox Foods For When You Want To Save Money

2. Turkey 

Turkey Sandwich, turkey and cheese crackers, or just plain turkey. Whatever your style, you’re sure to be consuming one of the essential healthy lunchbox foods in the world. Turkey is low in saturated fat and is an excellent source of protein. Turkey has also been linked to cancer prevention and reducing bad moods. Ever wonder why turkey is a go-to item at Subway, well now you know. Hopefully, you’ll be buying more and more turkey at the grocery store.

3. Watermelon 

Delicious and refreshing. Watermelon has to be on the list of healthy lunchbox foods, mainly because of how it helps with hydration. Watermelon is made of 92 percent water, good enough to keep you or your kids hydrated for an entire school day and then some. Watermelon has also been found to be the fruit with one of the lowest calorie counts. Eating enough watermelons can also reduce the risk of heart disease. All you need to do is cut up pieces of watermelon and shove them in a ziplock bag.

Healthy Lunchbox Foods For When You Want To Save Money

4. Tuna Fish 

When I was a kid, my mother always suggested that I started eating tuna fish. Back then, I couldn’t get over the taste and look of it. Now knowing the health benefits of tuna, and all it’s my number one lunch food. Tuna contains all the essential amino acids required for healthy bones, body growth, and making sure the muscles are lean and stable. Women and children should limit to about 6 ounces or one serving per week of canned, fresh, or frozen tuna. Kids will have a blast making tuna fish sandwiches with their parents the night before school. Stay away from fast food; try a tuna fish sandwich from time to time.

Healthy Lunchbox Foods For When You Want To Save Money

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5. Milk

I don’t think I need to explain this one. Milk builds strong bones and repairs muscle tissue. Why should any person include a diet soda on a list dedicated to healthy lunchbox foods, I don’t know. Milk is full of potassium, which helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Luckily for parents, schools have been offering milk cartons to students for many years

6. Peanuts 

Watch out for those salty potato chips. Go for something a bit less threatening and more healthy. Peanuts provide protein and fiber. They also help to maintain weight loss.

Healthy Lunchbox Foods For When You Want To Save Money

Are there any more healthy lunchbox foods you would include? Plus, if you were to choose a favorite lunchbox you once had, which one would it be? Comment below and be sure to share this. Until next time. 

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