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10 Healthy Halloween Snacks To Pass Out

10 Healthy Halloween Snacks To Pass Out

Here are some unreal Healthy Halloween Snacks to hand out. These Halloween snacks are not only healthy but good for you. There will be a huge success.
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Halloween is a time to take a breath, enjoy some candy, and have a good time with friends. But it is also a time where you end up making the worst decisions. When it comes to food, snickers and jolly ranchers are your go to Halloween treat, but it doesn’t help your gut or your cavities in the long run. Take your party snacks to the next level with treats that are guilt free. Here are 10 healthy Halloween snacks.

1) Enjoy Life Foods Halloween Chocolate Minis

These tasty chocolates are milk free, soy free and nut free. These don’t contain any scary ingredients but are scary good. Hand out chocolate around your neighborhood and be the favorite this year. Parents will love you, and so will their kids!



2) Alter Eco Truffles

Halloween without a party? No big deal! Enjoy these sweet fair trade chocolates with a group of your besties over Halloween classics. These healthy halloween snacks will sure to be a hit!

3) Bare Pie Spice Apple Chips

Great alternative to candy these apple chips are gluten free and GMO-free. Containing cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and sea salt. With a crunch that can’t be beat these will be gone before the potato chips are.

4) Pumpkin Bread and Pumpkin Pie Spice Pancakes

Foodstirs carries a variety of organic baking mixes, but their pancakes and pumpkin bread are on a whole new level. Perfect for your party or a spooky themed breakfast that screams fall, keep warm with the sweet taste of pumpkin. The recipes call for eggs but if you want to make it vegan use apple sauce instead!


5) Annie’s bunny grahams and fruit snacks

These organic treats will be a hit passing out, or you can save them all for yourself!

6) Yum Earth

Organic jelly beans, organic lolly pops, and gummies galore! Make all of your friends jealous with these healthy Halloween snacks!

7) Surf Sweets

Organic gummies and lolly pops that are filled with the good stuff and none of the bad. Made from cane sugar and fair trade these lolly pops will be claimed in no time.


8) Black Forest Variety Pack

Be a trick or treaters favorite by hooping them up with these organic gummies. Sure to put sour patch to shame, these gummies taste good and make you feel great too.

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9) UnReal?

link to buy: Vegan chocolate ? You don’t have to ask me twice. Do good for your body this Halloween with chocolate your mother would even approve of!

10) Smashmallow

RIP artificial ingredients, these treats are scary good, with only 80 cals(4 marshmallows) per serving try flavors that you never would have dreamed of !

All of these treats will be a hit, they bring out the child in you as well as the responsible adult who eats healthy (relatively). Be the house that gets hit up the most this year, but don’t wait some of these limited edition snacks won’t be here much longer!

Let us know what you think about these healthy Halloween snacks! Drop us a line!!
Here are some healthy Halloween snack ideas for you to pass out!
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