Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

One of women’s most beautiful features that can cast a lot of volume and grace is their hair. Your hair is the embodiment of your natural beauty, which is why it is imperative to keep it healthy at all times. Most women prefer to keep their hair natural to maintain natural oils and elements to keep it healthy, but natural hair isn’t for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, you can still have relaxed hair while still keeping it healthy and refreshed. Check out these healthy hair tips for women with relaxed hair to keep it nourished and replenished every day.

Use The Right Products

The key to having healthy and nutritional hair is by making sure that you have the right products. Having healthy hair starts with the products that you put into your scalp, and if you don’t have what you need, your hair will begin to break off and deteriorate. With relaxed hair, you want to use natural products instead of anything synthetic. The best products that you’ll want to use are products that contain argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba, or avocado ingredients. These ingredients will provide the right nutrients that your hair will need to grow and flourish to look its best. These ingredients can be found in your natural hair care products such as Infusium, Pantene, and Garnier. Using these products will maintain the correct balance of having relaxed hair be freshly replenished and properly cared for.

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

Wash Your Hair 1-2 Times A Week

Now you have everything you need to get your relaxed hair to a healthy and nourishing state. The next step is simply washing your hair. Keep in mind that no matter what the media may tell you or what you see from it, you do NOT wash your hair every single day. Doing this will strip your hair of all of its natural oils and cause damage. For women with a relaxed texture, washing your hair once or twice a week will suffice. Doing this will preserve the natural oils in your hair as well as prevent any kind of damage that would be harmful to your hair. Using any one of the sets of hair products I mentioned earlier will help you achieve a healthy, rejuvenating feeling and look for your hair. 

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

Protect Your Hair When Styling It

One thing to keep in mind with relaxed hair is that it is fragile. So whenever you are styling your hair in any sort of way, handle your hair with care to keep it from breaking off or causing any damage. For instance, when you wash your hair, detangle it with your fingers instead of a detangler. Use wide-tooth combs or brushes as well so an excessive amount of hair won’t get pulled out of your head. Providing a gentle touch to relaxed hair will prevent hair loss and will keep it in sustainable condition. 

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

Use Heating Tools In Moderation

Women always like to style their hair to their satisfaction, and most of the time that requires the use of heat. One thing we have to remember is that women can’t use heat all of the time, for it will cause heat damage and breakage of the hair. You’ll want to use heating tools sparsely. The best route to go is to use heat one time a week, and then take a break on heat the week after, and then continue the pattern again. Moderation is everything in life, especially when it comes to your hair. One more thing to remember is once you prepare to straighten or curl your hair, use a heat protectant or spray first to prevent damaging of the hair as well, such as Tresemme Thermal Heat Spray or Beyond the Zone. Spending less time with flat irons and curling irons and using that time to put up a nice ponytail or braids can be the best way to protect your hair while it’s relaxed.

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

Use Protective Hairstyles

A great way to be able to maintain relaxed is by investing time in using protective hairstyles for it. Protective hairstyles prevent hair damage and breakage and will allow your hair to grow even more. The best thing about them is that there are a wide range of options to choose from for protective styles. Put your hair up in a ponytail or a bun. Get cornrows for a protective style. Rock some braids in your hair for a couple of weeks. There are so many styles that you can use for your hair to not only prevent any bad damage but to also provide a cute and stylish look to it as well. Using protective styles for relaxed hair is the best option for keeping it balanced between it being healthy and stabilized.

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

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Reapply Your Relaxer Every 3-6 Months

Relaxed hair usually lasts a long time, depending on how well the woman is taking care of it. The best-recommended amount of time to get another relaxing treatment is some time between every three to six months. This is something else you want to do in moderation as well because applying it too often will lead to your hair being over-processed and can cause hair loss. This will keep your hair stabilized and nutritional while also touching up your roots as well, which is the first place that is affected by not maintaining a consistent relaxer. Keeping up with this routine will assure proper hair growth, nourishment, and excellent health for relaxed hair.

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

Use A Silk Scarf To Wrap Up Your Hair

One thing to remember about relaxed hair is that it has to be protected-especially at night. Use a silk scarf to protect your hair from getting messed up before you go to sleep. Doing this will provide a protectant between your head and your pillow. Sleeping on a pillow without a headwrap will cause damage for your hair, as well as ruin the style. Your hair will still be in shape in the morning as well as maintain its look from the day before.

Healthy Hair Tips You Should Know To Maintain Your Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair can be just as good for any woman with natural hair. Treating relaxed hair with the proper care and time will maintain its health and keep it radiant and beautiful. Follow these tips and your hair will look incredible from all angles!

What other tips do you recommend to keep hair healthy for relaxed hair? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below!

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