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15 Healthy Hacks You Need To Know About

15 Healthy Hacks You Need To Know About

Looking to improve your healthy habits? From finding new ways to exercise, to discovering healthy ways to drink alcohol, there are plenty of useful tips. Keep reading for 15 healthy hacks you need to know about!

1. Find a healthy balance between “you time” and time with friends.

Depending on your personality, you might need some time alone. It’s also healthy to vent or relax with friends, especially if you have a 20-page paper coming up next week. Find the balance that’s best for you.

2. Work on something you love.

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you feel happier, and it can even relieve stress while you work! Spend your free time working on your passions and honing your hard skills.


3. Think positive.

Save some time to reflect on your day or week. Remember the happiest moments you had. Write down quotes that inspire you. When you’re feeling stressed or scared, think of a happy moment or a quote that inspires you.

4. Find a solid group of friends.

Think about your values, and look for people who inspire you in one way or another. Try to find people you’d love having around for the rest of your life. Besides inspiration, try to find people who would have your back, but don’t forget to have their backs.

5. Smile!

Smiling can improve your mood, reduce stress, and influence the moods of other people around you. You can improve your health with a smile.


6. Be gentle when you brush your teeth.

Sometimes, people brush their teeth so hard that they erode the enamel. Brushing teeth extra hard doesn’t necessarily help to get rid of the food particles. You can use a soft toothbrush, or you can brush gently but firmly.

People tend to brush their teeth, but some people don’t floss quite as often. Flossing gets the food particles between the teeth, reduces the risk of cavities, and improves your oral health.

8. Clean your room.

If you see an organized room every day, you’re happier, more focused, and more productive. There’s no need to add chemical wipes to the mix, but it’s better for your health if you don’t have moldy pizza under your bed.


9. Limit your daily sugar intake.

Fruits and vegetables from the local farmers market can do wonders for your dietary health. The fibers in fruits and vegetables can help to balance out the sugar in your system. Too much sugar can harm your liver. Take a look at the grams of sugar under “Nutrition Facts.”

10. Sometimes, you need a little bit of fat in your system.

If you want some fat in your system, you can choose to eat healthier fatty foods. A few healthy fatty foods are avocados, eggs, and cheese.

11. Find a healthier way to drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is one of the best ways to join the social crowd in college, but it can also harm your liver. Do you black out often, or do you get bad hangovers? If the answer is yes, you might want to drink some water and avoid chugging.

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12. Discover your own way of exercising.

If you don’t want to feel old and miserable by the time you’re 50, exercising can help with that. Repetitive motion can help to strengthen your muscles and bones. Depending on what suits you, you don’t have to go to a traditional gym.

13. Figure out what makes you fall asleep, and stick with it.

If you can’t sleep on an empty stomach, eat before you go to bed. If you need to turn out the lights an hour beforehand, do so. Then again, you can always try counting sheep.


14. There’s no need to take antibiotics for the common cold.

Sometimes, rest and relaxation is the best policy. Home remedies can also improve your health. The common cold is viral. Antibiotics can help to kill bacteria, but they can also kill bacteria that are good for your health.

15. The general rule of thumb is that too much of anything can be toxic.

Don’t drink 4 gallons of water at once. Try to take things in moderation.

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