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Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

You’re cursing your alarm clock once again, hitting snooze over and over again, when you really had plans to get up and go for a run, or write the next chapter in your book, or clean the whole house before the kids get up. Creating healthy habits can be a tedious process, but once you have them locked in you can increase your productivity tenfold. Humans are naturally creatures of habit, it’s just implementing the right habits for you that really matter. Here’s a few healthy habits to incorporate into your life to help with self-motivation and productivity!

Plan Out Your Schedule

 This is key when you want to be productive during your day! Sit down and plan out your weekly schedule of everything you need to do or want to get accomplished. You can do this on your phone, computer, or just a pen and paper. There’s something about writing things down that really help you channel your energy into getting it done.

Planning out your weekly schedule is such a good way to keep you on track and most importantly, organized! Keeping a space to check off your accomplished tasks can be a rewarding way to see that you are making progress, which allows for more productivity.

This is an excellent healthy habit to pick up to increase your motivation to get things done!

Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Put The Phone Down

It’s understandable when you work from your phone, but there’s a difference when you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media or working. This can drain you from being productive! Social media is a distraction we turn to when we’re trying to avoid something. Whether it’s a project, an essay, or the same sentence you’ve been reading over and over in your book.

Take time away from the phone to get what you need to get done. If you feel you really need to be on it, set a timer for yourself for 10-15 minutes, then set it down and get to work. You can set your limit under the screen time setting on an iPhone.

Many times, social media can make us feel like we’re not successful enough or it makes us compare our progress to someone else’s. This is so toxic to our mindset of actually getting things done and can really hinder your growth. Put the phone down and smash out the things you need to complete for the day!

Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Get To Bed Early

This is an essential healthy habit to live by to help with your productivity. We all know that when we get enough sleep, all is right in the world. Going to bed early can help with waking up at an earlier, or even decent time to get things done. Plan to go to bed at least before 10pm for a sufficient night’s sleep, which helps with brain function in the mornings.

Going to bed early also helps with your mood in the mornings, you’re more likely to be in a better mood, which then can aid in your productivity in completing your tasks. Additionally, you’re likely to have more energy to tackle your to-do list.

Getting more sleep is proven to help reduce your stress and improve your memory. These are essential to have when being productive. The less stress you have, the more motivated you are to complete those things. Sleep also helps reduce the risk of you getting sick and keeps your heart healthy!

Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Taking Time For Yourself

 Self-care and self-love are two of the most important healthy habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle, hands down! Taking the time for just yourself can reenergize you, making achieving your goals even easier.

We often don’t spend enough time on ourselves and that can lead to stress and becoming burnt-out. A busy lifestyle has become the norm in society today, with either working a full-time job, or you are full-time student, or full-time mum. We get burnt-out! But the most important thing is that we step back, breathe, and make space for ourselves.

Sit down and meditate. This can help you pull in awareness and clear your mind for more productivity. Take a warm bubble bath and drink a glass of wine. Go get a massage just because. Take a day off because your mental health needs it. To many, this may seem like the opposite of being productive, but in the long run, self-care helps far more than any healthy habit ever could.

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Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Quit Making Excuses

Stop saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “Monday, I’ll start”. This is just an excuse to get you out of what you really want to accomplish right now. You want to write a book? Get those idea flowing right now. You want to lose 10 pounds? Get off the couch and go for a run right now. You have to stop making excuses for yourself and get your sh*t done!

Just start. Simply, just start. It takes time, we know that. Rome was not built in a day, but you have to start somewhere. Accomplishing your goals only happens through you, no one else. One of the best healthy habits you can make for yourself is to just start somewhere. If you start, and fail, you can always start again.

If you keep creating excuses for yourself of why you can’t, they will rob every aspiration or goal you have. Sure, life happens which makes it hard for us to want to continue. However, if it’s something you can control, take the bull by the horns and do it.

Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Be Grateful

Being grateful for what you have and what you’ve done helps you built reassurance that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. Set aside time daily or weekly to write down what you are grateful for. This sets perspective and allows you to reflect on what your body and mind allow you to achieve.

This healthy habit builds strength within, helps you feel more alive, creates more positive emotion, and it is known to help with better sleep. All these things can help with your productivity immensely! Give it a try.

Healthy Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Many of us struggle to keep up with the many things we want to accomplish, but these healthy habits you can include into your daily life can make all the difference! Comment your favorite healthy habits below!

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