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10 Healthy Foods To Easily Make In Your Dorm Room

10 Healthy Foods To Easily Make In Your Dorm Room

10 Healthy Foods To Easily Make In Your Dorm Room

It can be hard to find healthy foods to eat in your dorm room. And it’s understandable to try to stay healthy in college. Foods of limited variety aren’t necessarily healthy, so here are some meals you can make with a microwave, toaster, mini-fridge, or none of them!

1.) Bean (and cheese burrito)

One of the best foods for you, beans have tons of fiber, so you can get a can of any kind and spread it on a tortilla with sprinkled cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds for this fast and healthy dinner.


2.) Chicken Salad Sandwich

This meal is good for dinner or lunch. No need for any appliances either! Get a healthy rotisserie chicken, onion, fat free mayo, chives, or whatever other foods you deem healthy enough to put in the mix. Spread between bread slices for a healthy sandwich.

Chicken sandwich

3.) Sweet Potato Bowl

This does require a microwave, but these healthy foods are easy to mix. Microwave a sweet potato for about 3 minutes or until soft. Cut in squares, sprinkle with maple sugar, chopped onion, steamed broccoli, and maybe cut up ham left in your dorm room fridge to put in a bowl.


4.) Egg White Bagel Sandwich

For healthy meal with the lowest calories from fat, go for egg whites that you may want to keep in your mini-fridge and heat it in any container in the microwave, preferably covered with a lid. Toast a whole wheat English muffin or bagel and add cheese to the sandwich. To keep it as healthy as possible, opt out the cheese with spinach.

5.) Butternut Squash Risotto Bowl

You’ll need to keep some butter, onion, cloves, sage, spinach, and butternut squash in your mini-fridge. Cut up these foods and set aside as you cook a ½ cup Arborio rice in 1 cup of chicken broth in the microwave for five minutes. Mix everything together immediately out of the microwave and voila, a healthy meal.


6.) Veggie-filled Baked Potato

Potatoes can be tricky to bake up but are oh so healthy. Make sure you put a potato in the microwave for at least three minutes on a plate or paper towel. Let sit afterwards and cut in half. Steam broccoli by putting a little water in a glass with cut up broccoli and microwaving for a few minutes until desired softness. Add cheese if you aren’t focused on being healthy.

Baked Potato

7.) Salmon and Veggies

Yes, you can cook some healthy and safe-to-eat salmon in the microwave. Heat for 3.5 minutes on a glass plate. Check to see if the middle of the fish is fleshy. If it is, cook for about another minute. Add raw carrots and drizzle lemon on top for a full, healthy meal.

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8.) Cheesy Broccoli and Rice

There are tons of varieties of ready rice, meaning rice bowls you can put in the microwave for about three minutes. Do the same steamed broccoli technique and add shredded cheddar while hot so it melts in with the other foods.


9.) Lasagna

We can make lasagna healthy with just a microwave, fridge to store foods, and mug. Get fresh lasagna sheets, your choice of dried collard greens, ricotta cheese, salt, garlic, anything else you want. Cut lasagna pasta into 4 pieces and layer with 5 TBSP of pizza sauce, veggies, and cheese. Microwave for about 2.5 minutes with a plastic cover on top of mug.

10.) Fancy Avocado Toast

This meal can be considered a heathy snack or breakfast item, but it can be a lunch if paired with fruit and yogurt. No microwave, or fridge needed! To make sure it’s healthy, grab whole wheat bread. Toaster is optional but not necessary as you gather your foods. You just need an avocado, bread, red pepper flakes to sprinkle on top (or radishes, green pepper, etc.), knife, cutting board and you’re done!

avocado radish toast


If you have variations of the healthy foods above, let us know. Or if there are any healthy foods you’ve tried in your dorm room, share it!

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