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20 Healthy Food Ideas You Can Make Right In Your Dorm

20 Healthy Food Ideas You Can Make Right In Your Dorm

Students are notoriously busy and stressed, so it's easy to neglect your health. Here are 20 easy healthy food ideas you can make right in your dorm.

Students are notoriously busy and stressed out, so its even more important to give your body the proper fuel to function. Even though it’s easy to neglect your health. Here are 20 easy healthy food ideas you can make right in your dorm.

1. Overnight Oats

Easily prepared the night before! Just pick your desired container, add a couple of handfuls of oats, add a liquid (skim, almond, coconut, hemp) along with your toppings of choice, and pop it in the fridge!


2. Microwaved Egg Frittata

Don’t feel like going down to the dining hall for breakfast? Or have an 8 AM and have found yourself absolutely starving?! Take five minutes to make yourself a frittata in the microwave! Didn’t think you could be that fancy now did you? 😉

3. Smoothie

An easy and healthy go to if you keep fruit in your dorm. I would highly recommend investing in a Nutribullet! 🙂 Just throw in some fruit and veg, blend, pop on the cap, and head to class!


4. Oatmeal

Keep packets of oatmeal in your room! Ideally, low sugar or plain…can be a little nasty but tastes great with cinnamon and bananas. Definitely a great option to keep you satisfied in the morning!


5. Muffins

Another idea I can safely bet you had no idea you could make in your room! It’s not as difficult as you would think! And if you’re an incoming freshman, it’s a sure way to win over your roommate’s love! 🙂



6. Zoodles

Now, I know what your thinking… DIS B*TCH IS CRAZY, THINKING I’M GONNA GIVE UP MY SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS?! To this I say, just try it! It’s so good! Even my dad (who might I add is a definite carboholic) LOVED my zoodles when I made them! And think about how many carbohydrates you’re sparing yourself. Now you can feel free to go crazy on the cheese!

7. Yogurt Parfait

Alright, anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE lover of yogurt and granola. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve pretty much been eating it every day for the last thirteen years of my life. It’s not the worst thing to be addicted to hehe. I would opt for Greek yogurt if you can. It has more protein than regular. I would also consider the sugar content in the granola you choose. Sometimes it can pack quite a lot!


8. Baked Sweet Potato or Yam

Okay, don’t overlook the yam. They’re actually really good and I know you’re looking at your screen right now thinking I’m insane, but just try one. Anyway, they’re super easy to store, and you can pop it in your microwave and top it with almond or cashew butter as a super protein rich snack.


9. Almond Butter on Ezekiel Bread

You may be wondering, “Ezekiel? Da f* is that.” It’s actually a much healthier alternative to regular bread. It’s a sprouted grain bread that has 0 added sugar and much less gluten than regular bread. It is much more easily digested and acts as a complete source of protein as well as containing all nine essential amino acids.

10. Ezekiel French Toast

Swap out your Wonder bread for Ezekiel and your Aunt Jemima for agave, and you’ve got yourself a very satisfying and pretty healthy breakfast on your hands!


Ezekiel French Toast

11. Breakfast Style Quinoa

An alternative to Oatmeal if you feel like trying something new! And super easy to make in your microwave!


12. Microwaved Scrambled Eggs

Super quick and easy to make! Just add whichever ingredients you want and wait less than five minutes for your eggs to cook through!

13. Sweet Potato Chips

Much healthier than Lays or Doritos, and you can make it right in your room!


14. Soup

Having a lazy night? Or feeling under the weather? It’s smart to have a few soup cans on hand in case the mood strikes!

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15. Popcorn

Opt for unbuttered and preferably unsalted. This is a great snack option for a rainy night in with your roomie! Super low in calories and definitely satisfies any snack cravings you may have!



16. Almond Butter Banana Burrito

Take a whole wheat wrap, swipe some almond or cashew butter on top, and add a few slices of banana! You’ll be proud…Even better than Chipotle! 😉 hehe


17. Veg n Dip

Keep the dip relatively light, but keeping chopped veggies in your fridge to munch on is a great way to curb your potentially unhealthy snacking behaviors. I would buy some kind of balsamic vinaigrette, hummus, or salsa as your dip.

18. Mason Jar Salad

Place your dressing at the bottom of the jar, and add in your veggies and lettuce on top of that. Store in your fridge the night before, and grab and go on your way out to class!


19. Kale Chips

Only takes 3 minutes to make and can be stored for up to 5 days! Packed with vitamins, and is satisfyingly crisp—Definitely a great go to snack!


20. Healthy Microwave Brownie

Okay, you’ve been so good! You owe it to yourself that you have a sweet! Easy late night dessert you can make in your room. It serves one, so pop in as many mugs as you want for you and your friends!

Do you have any other healthy food ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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20 Healthy Food Ideas You Can Make Right In Your Dorm