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10 Healthy 10 Minute Recipes Anyone Can Make

In a hurry and but don’t know what to whip up for a quick meal? Don’t fret because I have you covered! With this list, you’re bound to find a recipe that will satisfy your/your family’s taste buds and meet your cooking abilities. Keep reading for 10 healthy 10 minute recipes anyone can make!

1. Zucchini Pasta with Vegan Cashew Basil Pesto

This recipe is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the taste of pasta with pesto without experiencing the shame of eating carbs. Zucchini takes the place of spaghetti as a healthy alternative for pasta and the pesto sauce is healthy to begin with, but you can make it even healthier by making it vegan and adding cashews to it.

2. Egg-stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Avocado

This recipe is an easy protein filled meal stuffed with a rainbow of healthy and colorful foods. All you need is a potato, an egg, an avocado, Greek yogurt, and some salsa! This is easily one of my favorite 10 minute recipes!


3. Pan-Roasted Salmon with Arugula and Avocado Salad

This recipe is for all of you fish lovers. You just pan-roast a filet of salmon and place it on a bed of arugula and avocado. All of the different textures on this plate will have your taste buds dancing.

4. Cauliflower Rice

If you want to enjoy some guilt free fried rice, then this recipe is perfect for you! For one thing, you get all of your vegetables in with broccoli, carrots, corn, and peas. And then to add to that, you also get the benefit of avoiding carbs by substituting cauliflower for rice.

5. Italian Chicken Wraps

For just 60 calories, you can enjoy quick and delicious chicken wraps! Just throw some chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, basil, and croutons (if you desire) into a wrap and enjoy! If you want to make your chicken wrap even healthier, you can substitute white wraps for wheat wraps. This meal will hit all of the healthy food groups!

6. Vegan Quinoa Avocado Pineapple Salad

If you love quinoa, avocado, spinach, and pineapple, then this recipe is PERFECT for you. Just throw together ½ a cup of cooked quinoa, an avocado, a cup of diced pineapple, and a few more ingredients on a bed of lettuce, and you have yourself a delicious salad bursting with flavor.


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7. Tuscan-Style Tuna Salad

For another easy and delicious salad, try this Tuscan Tuna Salad! You just need some tuna, beans, tomatoes, scallions, oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Combine these ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve, and then you can eat it like a salad or spoon the mix into a tortilla wrap.

8. Butternut Squash Ramen Bowl with Rice Noodles, Tofu and Fresh Pea Shoots

This meal is light while incorporating many delicious ingredients. You have your butternut squash soup, veggie stock, rice noodles, pea shoots and/or fresh spinach. This Butternut Squash Ramen Bowl is quite healthy but still heaping with flavor.

9. Lemon-Garlic Marinated Shrimp

Even though this recipe serves more as an appetizer, it can also serve as a very basic dinner if you’re not feeling very hungry. The shrimp will satisfy your needed daily protein intake while not making you feel too stuffed.

10. Parmesan Zucchini and Corn

This recipe is perfect for all of you vegetable lovers. As stated in the recipe’s name, the only two main ingredients that you need are zucchini and corn. Just mix these and a few other ingredients on the stove, and voila, you have yourself a nice zucchini and corn salad.

What are your favorite healthy 10 minute recipes? Comment below and share the article!
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