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How To (Healthily) Navigate The Dining Hall

How To (Healthily) Navigate The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall can be an intimidating place to navigate, especially if you have decided to start eating healthier with spring break right around the corner. It can be hard to resist the parmesan loaded pasta or the endless amounts of pizza. But, lucky for us here at UNH we have some awesome dining halls that are filled with bikini-approved options. Here is a guide to the (yummy) healthier foods and where to find them. #HealthyHoco!

The Salad Bar

Ugh salads, such a love-hate relationship with them. UNH does a great job making sure that their salad bars are always stocked with the best items to make a killer salad. It’s hard to resist a salad that is covered in so many different things that you don’t even feel like you’re a rabbit eating lettuce. Along with the croutons and sunflower seeds, they also have every dressing available known to mankind.

Sushi Monday

Who doesn’t love sushi?! Here at UNH we have some of the best sushi around (trust me I would know). Monday night at Hoco is dedicated to fresh sushi made locally. Incorporating ginger and wasabi in your sushi dinner adds an extra healthy punch. Wasabi is filled with antioxidants while ginger helps to boost your immune system. You might have to go up a second time (seriously though, a limit of 6 really kills me).


Fusion Spring Roll Wednesday

Another personal favorite night of mine. Spring rolls are extremely healthy for you. Wrapped in some kind of crazy thin rice paper, these things are so amazing I could at eat at least 10! Fill them with all kinds of veggies, rice noodles, and herbs. Then finally top them off with one of the three sauces they have to choose from (or mix them like I do). Both the sushi and the spring rolls are located in the deli section of Hoco.

The Hot Oatmeal

Every morning for breakfast there is always the hot oatmeal bar. I was never one to go for the oatmeal. I always wanted the pancakes and McDonalds-like hash browns until I discovered all the amazing topics you can add to your oatmeal. Chocolate chips, brown sugar, coconut?! (Everything is healthy in moderation, right?)

The Soup Station

Hoco has some pretty fantastic soups (another thing I am confidently an expert on). They always have a healthy variety as well. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover, or gluten free there is always a nice hot soup that can satisfy your cravings without making you feel guilty.

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The Vegan Station

A hidden gem located next to the pizza- the vegan bar has some deliciously healthy food. Even if you are an advent meat eater, there is always some type of healthy veggie or Hoco creation that will make your taste bud burst with happiness. I am not a vegan (even though I wish I was,) but I can always find something to eat there. It’s also especially great for vegetarians (are those vegan buffalo nuggets the best thing or what?!)

We are so blessed to have award winning dining halls here at UNH. So make sure to take advantage of all the food options and use a wildcat plate to guide you on what and how much to eat. But don’t forget after eating all those healthy meals to indulge a little in the mouth-watering desserts!!

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