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10 Healthiest Drinks To Order At The Bar

10 Healthiest Drinks To Order At The Bar

One of the biggest struggles of trying to stay healthy is going out. When your friend texts you asking if you want to grab dinner or drinks but you’re on a diet, it can be hard to decide; do you break your diet, or bail on your friend. But it doesn’t have to be that way, these drinks are great options if you’re on a diet to just trying to stay on the healthier side. Even if you’re not, these are the healthiest drink options that will be great in winter time when we are all celebrating holidays with food and drinks, these are a good substitution.

1. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are one of my al time favorite drinks, both at the bars and when I’m going out to dinner. I’ve been liking them so much that I started making them at home and I found the ones I make at home are just as good but also less sugary. Moscow Mules are ginger beer, vodka, simple syrup and limes. When I make them at home I skip the simple syrup so it’s less sugar and calories but I still really like it. I add in a bit more lime than what it would typically come with but it helps keep the flavor. If you want a refreshing and light drink that won’t weigh you down, a Moscow mule without the simple syrup is one of the healthiest drink options. 


2. Scotch on The Rocks

I’ll be honest, I never ordered this until I learned it was Monica Geller’s go to drink; scotch on the rocks with a twist. I had to try it and although I don’t think I could order it again, it deserves a spot on the healthiest drinks list for its low calories and makability. If you’re someone who can drink dark liquor by itself, (Ron Swanson would be proud) this is an easy and low calorie drink. You can order this anywhere you go, but this is more of a sit and sip kind of drink. Not your best option for your typical bar but for anything more formal or sit down, this is a great healthy drink option. 

3. Mojito With Extra Lime, No Sugar

Mojitos, like Moscow Mules are one of my all time favorite drinks. I love how refreshing and light they are. They are ideal summer drinks but I always find myself making them in winter when I want something that won’t make me feel bloated. The only problem with Mojitos is how sugary they are and every now and then that’s fine but when you are looking for a healthy drink one with sugar isn’t going to make the list. But if you order a mojito without the added sugar and with extra lime you’ll still be able to fulfill that mojito craving without all the extra calories. Making this one of the healthiest drinks but also one of the most delicious. 


4.Rum and Diet Coke

Listen, I don’t try to advocate for any soda consumption ever. I think all sodas are bad for you even if they are diet, but I am well aware everyone else in this world loves sodas, and this is fairly low calorie so it deserves a spot on the healthiest drinks list. Even though I am not a fan of sodas, I can admit that this is a pretty delicious drink. By substituting Coke for Diet Coke, you are saving yourself 140 calories, and 39 grams of sugar. Although staying away from soda all together is a healthier option, if you’re someone who really loves soda or wants a caffeine kick this is a better option for you than rum and regular coke.


5. Glass of Champagne 

Champagne is one of the lower calorie alcoholic beverages out there, a typical glass of champagne is only 65 calories, making you feel less guilty about popping multiple bottles. As much as we all love mimosas, orange juice has an alarming amount of sugar in it and most bars carry very generic orange juice. If you’re at home and you can get natural low sugar orange juice, making mimosas is another healthy option. But if you’re out to dinner or at the bars, stick to the champagne by itself without the added sugars.

6. Light Beer

Some occasions are just beer drinking occasions. Going to a basketball game and sipping on a Cosmopolitan just seems wrong. Most sports arenas, as well as some bars and breweries have very limited options when it comes to alcohol. These places typically have beer, light beer, and maybe wine. Opting for a light beer with save you both in calories and in bloating. I actually really like beer, but I always find that it makes me bloated and super full. Sticking to a light beer with help with that but will also save you some calories, meaning you can have more beer. Having a go to generic light beer is an easy solution when you’re going out and needing a low calorie drink. Also, Bud Light > Miller Light.


7. White Claws

Did you really think an article about healthy bar drinks written by a millennial girl would not include white claw? As much as everyone can hate on White Claws, these are great both in calories and taste. There are some lower calorie brands of spiked seltzer waters that do infect taste like static electricity, but I find white claws to be more flavorful. There are several brands jumping all over this trend because it doesn’t make you feel as bloated as beer, it’s higher in alcohol and it’s more flavorful. They are refreshing in summer for outside at the pool, and a necessity for surviving family gatherings during the holidays. If you really want a low sugar, low calorie spiked seltzer, you may want to branch out and find other brands but for now I will be sticking to White Claws. 

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8. Vodka Water With Lemon

My sister is an absolute health freak, she exercises MULTIPLE times a day, it’s madness. This is her go to bar drink and she is the healthiest person I’ve met, so it has to make the healthiest drinks list. She orders a vodka and tonic water with lemon basically anywhere we go. It’s light, refreshing and the tonic water will hep hydrate you and the lemon outweighs the vodka taste. Pretty much any bar carries vodka, tonic water and lemons so anywhere you go this is a quick and easy healthy drink. Although its more bland than most drinks its one of the healthier options. 


9. Glass of Wine

Now, not all wines are going to make this cut, but most wines you can find for fairly low sugar and calorie. Rose is a good option, that isn’t too dry and still has some sweetness to it. A Merlot, Riesling, or Moscato all come in under 120 calories. These are all going to be less sugary options and keep your calories low. Sticking to a dry wine will really help to save you from added sugars.

10. Literally Just Water With Lemon

Honestly, there are times where I just don’t want alcohol at all, not even a small beer. Going out to dinner or bars with friends, it seems impossible to not order alcohol, but they’re times you either can’t or just don’t want to. I did this once and people thought I was just drinking a mixed drink, if you feel pressured to drink but don’t want to, no one will even know this is just water. But if you don’t care (which you shouldn’t) opting for a water with lemon will keep you hydrated and not make you feel ostracized. It’s by far the healthiest drink and it’s impossible to be hungover the next morning from too many of these. 


What’s your go to healthy bar drink? What tips do you have for staying healthy when out to the bars?

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