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10 Health Tips All Nutritionists Talk About Constantly

10 Health Tips All Nutritionists Talk About Constantly

If you are really into living a healthy lifestyle, check out these health tips that everyone recommends! They really do improve your wellness!

There are many health tips out in the fabulous and fit universe. So many tricks, diets and recipes promising to give you results. There’s no real way of knowing just how many different diet fads are out there. It can truly be overwhelming. Throughout all the years and commercials and ads, there have been a few constants that professionals swear by. They are tips that don’t break the bank and promote a healthier way of living. Here are ten health tips that nutritionists swear by.

1) Get that H2O

We hear it again and again, drink your water. It is no secret that having eight 8-ounce glasses a day. But it seems there are certain times in the day when you should drink them most. Having a glass of water first thing in the morning when your wake up in the morning helps to increase blood flow. Having a glass of water before each meal will help to make you feel fuller so you don’t binge. Having the appropriate glasses in between and right before bed ensures you stay hydrated which is the first and essential step to health.

2) Getting Your Probiotics

Making sure you have enough food with probiotics in your diet is another way to keep yourself healthy. They are loaded with good bacteria that help to clean out your stomach and promotes gut health. These probiotics that help to clean out your system include yoghurt, kimchi, apple cider vinegar and Sauerkraut. As probiotics are the key to your digestive health, try fitting some of those foods into your daily diet.


3) Watch Out for False Promises

This goes without saying, but there are many scammers out there. There are people looking to capitalize on the fact that many people are trying their best to get healthy or lose weight. There are companies out there that promise “instant results”, “lose 20 pounds instantly” or “no workout required”, but that is not the truth. These companies that promise instant results with nothing needed but a magic pill and your money are duping you. Believe that getting healthy requires hard work like eating right and working out.

4) A Full Night’s Sleep

These all seem like rules your parents told you again and again growing up. “Drink your water”, ” get your rest”, but there is a reason they are praised again and again. Getting a full 7 hours of sleep will not only leave you well rested, but provide you with the energy you need. Sleep deprivation can make you hungrier and lead you to not have enough energy to exercise. These are factors that result in weight gain. The crankiness and irritability alone is a good reason to get your rest but it really does affect your health. This is for sure one of the most important health tips!

5) Chill Out

Believe it or not, relaxation is also a workout tip. You don’t always have to be running five miles a day and lifting weights. Staying relaxed will help plenty as well. Having a high stress level can lead to weight gain, as many of us tend to binge a bit more when we are under more pressure. Keeping yourself in a calmer state by taking a walk or trying a meditation app will help you to feel more at peace and healthier.


6) Watch for Liquid Calories

Dieting can be tricky. There are good foods, bad foods, calories, sugar and proportions to worry about. A lot of people think when they opt for a glass of organic iced tea or Vitamin Water, you are making a healthy decision. You aren’t eating a large meal or snacking on a bag of chips, it’s a total win. Wrong. We don’t often consider small beverages dangerous, but before you start to rely on these drinks, check the sugar content and all the ingredients. You would be surprised how many calories you are consuming and how fast.

7) Never Skip

Some of us tend to feel guilty about our eating behavior at the end of the day and skip a meal or don’t feel it is important to eat breakfast. Skipping meals is not the easy way to get healthy, as you can have a full plate and still be doing yourself a favor. Skipping can cause your metabolism to slow down and that much harder to lose weight.

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8) Add a Lemon

Adding a lemon to your eight daily glasses of water is a small step, but will do wonders for you. Loaded with vitamin C, lemons help detox the body and protects the immune system, helps with joint and muscle pain, and helps with overall digestion. Just a little bit at a time can truly do wonders. This is one of the most helpful health tips when it comes to drinking water!

9) Eat Slowly

When it is time for dinner, we are so famished and excited to try our delicious dish that we can often inhale the meal in very little time. Taking your time while eating your meal is exponentially better for you as it aids better digestion in which your body will recognize it is fuller before you overeat.

10) Know About the BOMB

The G-BOMB, that is. This acronym will help you to know which superfoods you should be incorporating into your daily meals. Greens, beans, onions, mushrooms and berries are the ultimate superfoods that are considered nutrient-filled and cancer fighting foods.


Are there any other health tips you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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