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Headed To Miami For Super Bowl LIV? These Are The Hotels You Need To Consider Staying At

Headed To Miami For Super Bowl LIV? These Are The Hotels You Need To Consider Staying At

Super Bowl LIV is right around the corner, so now is the time to start planning the festivities. If you are lucky enough to be attending the Super Bowl, you have to start planning your trip to Miami ahead of time in order to ensure the best trip possible. You have to be sure to book flights or other means of transportation and most importantly hotels. Miami is full of amazing hotels that are worth staying at. This list will help you figure out which hotels you should look into booking for your Super Bowl trip.

1. JW Marriott Miami

The Marriott is well known for having beautiful hotels all around the world. The one in Miami is no exception. This 4 star hotel offers amazing amenities. The hotel offers 2 restaurants, as well as an outdoor pool and luxury day spa. It is located in a great area in Brickell district. It also only about 3 miles away from the famous South Beach and about 5 miles away from Ocean Drive. The rooms are all beautiful and give a very clean and elegant look. (Photo from Marriott)

Headed To Miami For Super Bowl LIV? These Are The Hotels You Need To Consider Staying At

2. 1 Hotel South Beach

This is another hotel in Miami that you cannot go wrong with choosing. It is a luxury hotel that prides itself in being eco-friendly. The hotel also has 4 pools, which is perfect for hot Miami weather. What sets this hotel apart from the others is the beautiful rooftop pool located on the 18th floor. This pool is surrounded by lounge chairs and a bar. This is the perfect location to lay out in the sun and take in the beautiful view of the Miami skyline. This rooftop gives you a 360 view of the Miami coastline that you could not see from anywhere else.

3. Eden Roc Miami Beach

This hotel is at an amazing location in Mid-Beach. Recent renovations have made this hotel extremely luxurious. It offers 415 oceanfront guest rooms that are perfect for your stay in Miami. There are also three different pools. There is also a large spa and fitness center that you can relax and still be able to exercise while on vacation. The best part about this restaurant is the restaurants that are located within it. NOBU Restaurant and Bar is located at Eden Roc. Nobu offers an amazing Asian dining experience with some of the best sushi and seafood you can find. This restaurant only has a few locations, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you stay in this hotel. The other restaurant offered is the well-known Malibu Farm. This restaurant offers healthy options and prides itself in offering farm to table food. This restaurant is also outdoors and offers beautiful views of Miami Beach while you are dining. (Photo from TripAdvisor)

Headed To Miami For Super Bowl LIV? These Are The Hotels You Need To Consider Staying At

4. The Palms Hotel & Spa

This hotel is described as an “oceanfront sanctuary” and for good reason. It is just a few minutes away from the iconic South Beach, which makes it a great spot to choose. Recent renovations have made this a high quality place. There is a garden oasis, a pool with lounges and cabanas. The best part is that this hotel is located right on the beach. It is just a short walk to the sand and water, so it is extremely convenient. This makes this a great choice if you are a beach lover and want to spend the majority of your free time by the ocean. Rooms can also come with an ocean view if you wish. The signature restaurant, ESSENIA, has farm fresh food and is very popular among guests. There is also a lounge and tiki bar for cocktails. Another highlight is the AVEDA spa that is located right at the hotel for all of your relaxation needs, such as salon and spa treatments. (Photo from The Wedding Traveler)

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Headed To Miami For Super Bowl LIV? These Are The Hotels You Need To Consider Staying At

5. Fontainebleau

This hotel has recently gone an impressive $1 billion renovation that has made it a standout hotel in Miami. It is a 22 acre hotel right on the beach that truly offers something for everyone. There are 2 restaurants, 2 nightlife venues, a large spa and pool. As if that’s not enough, the hotel is located right on the beach, so the ocean is easily accessible during your stay. The nightlife venues set it apart from the other Miami hotels. This hotel is home to the popular nightclub, LIV. If you love nightlife and going out, then this hotel is a great choice for you. Having clubs located right at the hotel is very convenient and makes the trip more fun. Even if you’re not into clubbing, this hotel still has a ton to offer for any crowd. The hotel has a beautiful, contemporary design that is perfect for any Miami getaway. 

6. The Confidante Miami Beach 

This hotel is located about 15 minutes from South Beach, so it’s a good choice if you don’t want to be in such a central location. This hotel is described as retro-glam. There are colorful cabanas and lounges that line the pool, which add a fun pop of color. There is also direct beach access, similar to a few of the other Miami hotels from this list. Bird & Bone is a popular American restaurant on-site of the hotel. There is also a bar, which is great for any drinking you plan to do on vacation. 

Miami is really the place to be and is a great spot for Super Bowl LIV to take place. If you are in town for the huge game, these hotels are great places for you to stay. This list offers several options, which guarantees one of them will be right up your alley. Whether you like to eat, swim, go to the beach, go to the spa, or just relax, these hotels will be perfect for you. Choosing the right hotel is key to making the best out of your Super Bowl trip to Miami. This list is sure to narrow down your options. If you can think of any other hotels in Miami that are great for a Super Bowl trip, leave them in the comments down below!

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