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Having Sex With A Stranger And What It’s Really Like

Having Sex With A Stranger And What It’s Really Like

In this age of hook up culture, having sex with a stranger isn't too far off from the norm. But, what's it really like? Let's talk about that.

Sex, strangers and intimacy, the truth is, it’s an experience that a lot of women share. In this age of hook up culture, having sex with a stranger isn’t too far off from the norm. There are even apps and websites designed for that specific purpose. But, it’s also something frowned upon for women in society. There’s the idea that sex with a stranger is wrong, immoral, slutty, or unsafe. But, there’s also the idea that they are fun and sexually liberating.

With all these mixed messages about sex with strangers some questions arise. What’s it really like? And why do women want to have one night stands?

What’s It Really Like?

Maybe you’ve had a one night stand before, maybe you haven’t, or maybe you’re thinking about trying it out. Either way, sex with a stranger can be a total flop or it can be a total hit. Some women shared their stories of good and bad one night stands:

“I met a guy on Tinder and we decided to exchange numbers, texted for a few days, I liked the vibe so I decided we should meet up. I wanted to see what that d**k do, so I invited him over to Netflix and chill. About 30 minutes in we started kissing, and touching, and we started to have sex, and then it ended. He only lasted 30 seconds! I told him he should leave and immediately blocked his number”. – Ebony, 22

“I was at a nightclub in Vegas dancing at the bar with my girlfriends when this guy approached me. He told me I was beautiful and wanted to buy me a drink, I grabbed my friends and said lets go. He led us to a less crowded bar where he and his friends bought us a drink, then they took us up to their VIP table where we danced and talked for a little while. About 30 minutes in I told my friends I was leaving with him, next thing I knew I’m butt naked in the Jacuzzi in his hotel suite on all fours calling him daddy. Best hook up ever”. – Heather, 25

Why Do Women Want To Have One Night Stands?

Sex with a stranger is a common fantasy among women. The thrill of having sex with someone you just met fuels a desire for excitement, passion, and risk. And humans love risk and mystery, and when it comes to sex, it provides a way to experience physical and sexual pleasure with “no strings attached”. After all, girls just wanna have fun, and if that means hooking up, we should do so proudly.

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“I love having sex, it’s fun, especially with new people. Experiencing someone new and trying something different, it’s fun. Yes, it’s great doing it with someone you like, but having sex with a stranger is more of a rush. It’s exciting. I think everybody should try it at least once.” – Alaina, 26

Tips If You’re Going To Have A One Night Stand

One night stands aren’t for everyone, but I say, if you’re single, go fuck a stranger. You might be surprised what happens. But keep these things in mind:

  1. Be safe about it
  2. Don’t judge yourself
  3. Casual sex is totally healthy
  4. It’s not a guaranteed good time
  5. You may catch feelings
  6. But, you also may not
  7. It’s ok to stay for breakfast the next morning
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you like
  9. Make sure your doing it for the right reasons
  10. Have fun!

Here are some casual dating websites: Adult Friend Finder, Passion, Dating Kinky, Fling, and FetLife

Have you ever had sex with a stranger? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments!
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