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6 Ways To Be Sure You Have A Productive Summer

6 Ways To Be Sure You Have A Productive Summer

Do you ever feel too lazy during the summer? Society19 knows some great ways to keep you having a productive summer this time around!

Summer breaks can be great opportunities for rest. However, the change in pace or lack of structure compared to the school year can leave you wondering how to best spend your time. Here is a list of fun, yet realistic and productive summer activities to do this season.

1. Brush up on a Language

Summer is a prime chance to improve your language skills, whether you want to brush up on that one language you took for five years before college or even begin learning a entirely new language. Try watching shows or movies with audio or subtitles to get more familiar with the specific language you want to learn. Netflix original series typically have various audio and caption options too, which is an easy way to incorporate learning and entertainment. Also, check out your nearest bookstore to find study aid books so you can spend a few minutes a day practicing over the break for a productive summer.

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2. Go Through Your To-Read List

If you ever complain about never having any time to read for fun during the school year, then summer break can be the perfect time to ease back into pleasure reading. Every day, you can try switching out time spent in front of screens for books instead. Reading before bedtime rather than scrolling through Instagram for an hour can become a healthy habit to help you get a restful night of sleep. Reading mysteries, romance novels, memoirs or any other kind of book can be informative and entertaining so reading is a productive yet relaxing activity.

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3. Learn Simple Recipes

Before entering the school year again, take advantage of the summer by learning how to cook easy meals. Try experimenting with new foods and finding out what recipes are do-able for you. That way when you’re in a hurry during the school year you can have some staple meals to turn to for dinner or lunch. You can also learn how to prep your meals in the summer, so you can get in the habit of preparing food for the week and eating healthier to avoid falling into a routine of eating ramen for every meal.


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4. Pick Up A Musical Instrument

It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. Don’t feel pressure to be perfect at first but a little practice every day will go a long way! You can purchase an ukulele or even a guitar for relatively low prices and there are plenty of tutorials available online. If you’re already working on a certain instrument, then getting into the habit of practicing consistently will help you keep your skills throughout the year!

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5. Fix Your Sleeping Schedule

Work on getting a maintainable and realistic sleeping schedule before the school year starts to help you be well-rested and energized. Summertime usually allows you to have a more flexible schedule, so you can try out different amounts of sleep to find what works best for your body. If you have trouble waking up, then there are alarm clocks that mimic natural light gradually and apps that set off ringtones based on your individual sleep cycle. Try browsing the App store or looking up sunrise clocks online for some extra help with a regular sleep schedule!

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6. Find a Personal Workout Routine

Take advantage of the warm weather by going for morning runs or swims to keep your body active and your mind awake. You can also take time to find a realistic workout routine that you can use during the school year. There is a wide range of helpful videos – from no-equipment necessary ab routines to simple yoga practices – available online to help you incorporate and customize daily exercises in your life. Even just going for walks around the neighborhood and enjoying some fresh air can help pull you out of a funk and help you feel motivated to have a productive summer.

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Which tip for having a productive summer are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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