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5 Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

5 Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

It’s that time of the year again… spicy pumpkin lattes at Starbucks, hoodies, football, ghosts, blood, and maybe a little screaming here and there. That’s right folks, it’s terror time again and we have so many trips for you all to take this year. It’ll be fun, I promise. So keep reading for top 5 haunted places in Pennsylvania, and be sure to try them out for this Halloween season!

1. Palmer Cemetery.

This is one of the areas that is more closer to Philadelphia. It shows paranormal activities late at night and has many stories that surround it. But we all know not to mess around cemeteries right? I hope so. After doing some research on it, a young boy hung himself somewhere close to the entrance of the cemetery. Every now and then, you’d see the boy’s figure still hanging there. Creepy.

2. The Valley of Fear and the Original Haunted Hayride.

Although it is sorta pricey, the $35 includes all of the attractions. I believe there are 3 main attractions all together. The haunted forest and the maze is the best part of the park. The hayride contains scenes from all the popular horror movies. Everything is put together very well and is more on the entertaining side than scary. It depends on the person of course!

3. Fright Factory.

This haunted house was amazing! It honestly scared the daylights out of me. When you think you’re done with a scene, they would come up behind you for a continued scare. It never stops. A must go to!

4. The Valley of Terror.

The best part of this attraction is that every guest has the chance to experience everything that the creators have planned. As you descend deeper into level after level of horrifying houses and maliciously scaped sets each its own uniquely themed nightmare.

By the way, It’s long! So it’s worth the money… about $20 I believe? I think there are 13 stops throughout the walk. The church and the dark house are probably the scariest. The actors, towards the end, are the best.

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 5. Eastern State Penitentiary.

This is one of the best haunted places in Pennsylvania and makes the top of the list. The audio tour is combined with the admission price. It’s interesting to listen to the history about the prison and how the prisoners were. The stories were told secondhand from real prison guards and prisoners.

It is very eerie and also has a history of paranormal that may or may not show up while you’re there. It is very creepy walking through corridors, cells, yard and the insanely creepy fortress walls.

Visit at your own risk …

What are some other haunted places in Pennsylvania? Comment below with your favorite and share this article with friends!
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