7 Haunted Places In Morgantown You Need To Visit

As Halloween rapidly approaches, we all become slight thrill-seekers. This means that a road trip or walk to and through these places provide just the right amount of chills to spook us for a few nights and last us until next year! Keep reading for 7 super haunted places in Morgantown you need to visit!

1. WVU’s Beta Theta Pi- Beta Psi Chapter House

Students in this fraternity are believed to have heard the sound of chains clanging in the lower room of the house. This was said to be the late butler of the house during the 1940’s. Currently, it could be the soul of a homeless person that was permitted to stay in the basement in the 80’s, but later hung himself.

2. WVU’s Downtown Library

On the top floor of the library, one will get the feeling of being watched, as the elevators open and close. No one will come out of the elevators. There are desks on the side that seem to be occupied, as you can hear pencils on paper, but alas, no one is there. In the newer section of the library, you can still feel the same sensations, like they are coming from the older section of the library.

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3. WVU Tech’s Ratliff Hall

Spiritual encounters have occurred in this facility. It is an all female dorm, and on the second floor, you can hear footsteps following you late at night. Curtains blow and doors will slam closed. The eerie thing about it? The windows aren’t even open.

4. WVU’s E. Moore Hall

This building was dedicated to Elizabeth Moore. She has been seen “floating” over the pool in the basement. The picture of her in the building has also moved to different areas in the building and no one knows why. No one moved it themselves.

5. Morgantown Public Library

Employees have reported ghost sightings late at night when working.

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6. Morgantown’s Cheat Lake

In the early 70s, two WVU students were hitchhiking back to the Evansdale Campus. They were picked up downtown and were not found for several months. They were found decapitated near the lake, but their heads were never found. The case has gone unsolved. It is said that the two girls can be seen near the woods by the lake, in search of their heads. On Route 857 North, there have been multiple car accidents because of complaints of blurry visions of two girls running through the woods late at night. The lake is arguably one of the most haunted places in Morgantown.

7. Monongalia County’s West Run Road

The cemetery and woods are said to be haunted. If you visit late at night. The crosses sitting on the hill are lit up and spooky. It is also believed that local witches have their Sabbath’s here on their holy days.

Is the Monangalia Cemetery on your list of haunted places in Morgantown to visit?
Do you know of any other haunted places in Morgantown? Comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: interment.net and wvubureau.wordpress.com
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