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6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

6 Hats You've Been Missing All Your Life

Making sure to acquire a few hats is an important part of every young adult’s wardrobe. It might seem simple at first, to find hats that you love with catchy slogans, but don’t be fooled. Finding a hat to fall in want with can be more difficult than you think, and so I bring you these offerings as a solution.

1. Dragonball Z Hat

Listen up anime fans, this hat is awesome. How better to rep the fact that you liked Dragonball as a kid than to wear this cool and stylish accessory on your head? So what if you don’t know what the symbol means, you’re going to look pretty stylin’ wearing it. I’m kidding. The symbol means ‘turtle’ which is nothing less than pure and fantastic. Rep that bright Naruto orange in style.

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

2. Leopard Print Cap

Let’s keep it fresh with this 90s era cap. If this doesn’t make you remember the days of the Spice Girls, then you’re probably way younger than me. Still, it looks cute and cool and with some plain T-shirts or overalls it’ll be a perfect match. Use a pattern in a way that doesn’t require you to buy floral shirts, who even knows if in your closet you’re hiding any less than 3 separate Hawaiian shirts.

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

3. Graphic Hat

This one is just plain funny. Ideal for a party or for giving your relatives a good chuckle, it’ll start some conversations to be sure. Shirts with captions are out, hat with captions are in, and thus society’s expectation for comedic clothing garners even more support. Where else would you use the hat if not on your head? That’s for the people looking at you to decide.

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

4. Big Brother Hat

This isn’t the name of the actual hat, but it should be. Our society comes with modern limitations such as increased surveillance and also greater opportunities to enjoy your favorite bouts of old science fiction. Use it as a political protest, use it because you think it’s funny and it resembles the NSA. Use it because you watched Space Odyssey when you were high one time with your best friend and now every time anyone mentions being watched your mind flashes back to that one scene where Hal 9000 sings Dave the song Daisy. Whatever your reasons, it’s a hat with deeper thought behind it indeed.

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

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5. SQUAD Hat

Are you and your squad looking for some fun new summer gear? Is Christmas or any other major holiday piquing your concern? Try getting these fun hats for you and your friends. The color coordination will be fun, and wearing them on the same day by accident will add a little spark of joy to your hangouts. Send the link in your group chat and watch the fun go down as your friends argue over colors. Even if they decide not to do hats, there’s nothing more like feeling as if you were a 6 year old with a friendship bracelet on the playground than watching your buddies come together over some matching swag gear.

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

6. Boxer Knit Beanie

Are you a huge fan of animals? A rapt lover of dogs? This adorable beanie might in fact be the perfect hat for you. The simple design of the boxer’s pouty face on the outer beanie lining makes this hat far superior than others you might’ve worn in the past, and it could easily become the ideal bad hair day cover-up for you. With beanies coming in a variety of different colors and options, if you’re in love with this sad looking pup then there’s no excuse. Give the dog a name, fall in love with wearing beanies, and look like you’re a hipster when you’re holding a cup of coffee and hurrying on to class. Oh well. Your professor will find it amusing at least.

6 Hats You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

Which hats do you tend to wear?  Get some wear out of them, at least.

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