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Hate Going To The Gym? Here’s How To Work Out At Home

Hate Going To The Gym? Here’s How To Work Out At Home

Doing workouts at home has never been easier. With a jam-packed schedule, it’s easy to skip out on hitting the gym. If you are anything like me, crowds of people can be pretty intimidating. You may fear that other people are now only starring but criticizing your every move furthering discouraging you for even going to the gym. Here are some essential tips and suggestions for how to work out at home without the need for a gym membership. There are so many effective workout routines that don’t require a full gym. Here our favorite ways you can begin working out right in the privacy of your own home or dorm room.

Youtube workout videos

If you don’t have a youtube account I suggest you sign up for one. You’ll need it to get access to great workout videos from professionals that you can even follow along with right at home. Whether it’s yoga, Zumba, or core-strengthening, you will find all that and more available to you for free on Youtube. This readily convenience makes it easy to maintain the same activity level you would get from a trainer at the gym. If you find you only have 30, 20, 0r only 10 spare minutes to get in a quick worker that is doable using Youtube. There is a plethora of work to videos varying in lengths at your convenience. 

At the gym, if you miss a step or movement you can fall behind the rest of the class and completely get off track. Using work out videos at home you have the control to pause or stop a workout when you need to. If you are slowly building a gym routine you will have to go at your own pace. Having the ability to stop and start at work out for some extra breaths will also build up your stamina.

Designate a workout space in your home

If you hate the gym try working out in the comfort of your own home. You can create your own space tailored to your needs and preference. Post motivational quotes or have images of some of your favorite athletes posted in your space to section it off from the rest of your home. Just make sure your workout space is not in your bedroom. You’ll be more tempted to lay down instead of exercising! 

Some other benefits of working out at home are you can always blast all of your favorite music without wondering if your headphones are too loud or having to listen to your neighbors. While gracefully slipping into some yoga poses, you can have your favorite movie playing in the background or binge-watch a t.v. show. The ultimate benefit to working out at home is right after a sweaty workout, you can hop right in the shower afterward. 

Hate Going To The Gym? Here’s How To Work Out At Home

Have someone keep you accountable

Even at home, you need to have an accountability partner. How else are you going to stay on track? Believe me, you have more distractions at home than in the gym so having someone to keep you accountable is crucial for maintaining consistency. Find a trusted friend who won’t be afraid to check up on you and call you out when you’ve been slacking, especially if you live alone. 

If you have an iPhone, the health app allows you to also keep records of your workouts. Gym shark is another app that allows you to track all workouts and give you custom fitness plans for each step of your fitness journey. 

Hate Going To The Gym? Here’s How To Work Out At Home

Invest in a few pieces of equipment

To have a solid workout sessions at home it is a great idea to invest in some key fitness equipment for your workout space. A yoga mat, dumbbells, jump rope, and resistance bands are great for any beginner and are budget-friendly. If you are more serious about body sculpting and have both the funds and space, an exercise bench and treadmill are great additionals. 

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Invest in quality activewear

There’s something about good looking work out clothes that make you actually want to work out. Make sure that the quality activewear you purchase is not just cute but comfortable and functional to the work-outs you are performing. Breathable fabrics and will allow moisture to pass through quickly when you begin to sweat.  You won’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat patches showing. Nike, Athlete, Champion, and Lululemon are household brands to look out for when shopping for new workout gear.

Also, Shoes! Proper footwear is essential to working out properly. Nike, Adidas, and Champions are known for their amazing collection of running shoes. Invest in a great pair of sneakers and add a nice touch of customization to fuel your desire even more to get up and stay active!

Hate Going To The Gym? Here’s How To Work Out At Home

Have a plan

To work out at home you must have a plan before you begin. You may be tempted to slack off or take one too many rest days. Having a plan before you start will ensure you actually follow through on reaching your goals. Consult a friend who exercises regularly on input on where you should begin. There is also a ton of information available online to help you when deciding which work out plans you should try.

One benefit of working out at home is the control you have over your fitness regime. Feel free to try different plans until you find one that works for you. Working out can be fun but make sure to get a great foundation down with a doable work out plan.

Working out at home is a great alternative for anyone who hates the gym. Sometimes, the hardest part of going to the gym is finding the motivation to drive to the gym after a long day of classes. There are so many fun ways to work out in the comfort of your own space. Have you made the switch from gym to home? We would love to hear about your journey below in the comment section. 

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