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Harry Styles Poses With Baby Farm Animals In New Gucci Campaign

Harry Styles Poses With Baby Farm Animals In New Gucci Campaign

The latest Harry Styles Gucci campaign features Harry posing with baby farm animals, and the world can't get enough. Check it out!

Let’s all have a moment of appreciation for Harry Styles. Not only is the singer/songwriter extremely talented, outspoken, and a total babe, but in his latest shoot for Gucci, he shows his soft spot for farm animals. Yes, you read that correctly – Harry Styles posed with baby farm animals in the latest Gucci campaign. It’s safe to say the Twitterverse went absolutely ballistic over this, and with good reason. Harry paired with piglets and sheep in a Gucci suit is pure bliss. If you’re interested in seeing the Harry Styles Gucci campaign, check it out below!

1. Harry Admiring A Baby Goat

Harry hangs out in Rome for the new Gucci Tailoring campaign with a baby goat.

2.  Harry Snuggling The Baby Goat

Okay Harry, steel our hearts some more will you?

4. Harry Feeding A Baby Pig

Wearing Alessandro Michele, Harry feeds a piglet in the gardens of Villa Lante.

5. Finally, Hairy Cradling This Adorable Sheep

I have never wanted to trade places with a sheep more then I do right now.

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6. I know, It’s Too Cute

Harry poses with the sheep over his shoulders in one of the last photos released by Gucci.

S/O to Glen Luchford and creative director Christopher Simmonds for this beautiful Gucci tailoring campaign shoot. If you haven’t gotten enough pictures of Harry Styles with animals, check out the last Gucci campaign of Harry shot with puppies!

Are you a fan of the latest Harry Styles Gucci campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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