10 Hard Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Major

Yes, I am only a freshman at Northern Kentucky University. I have switched my major 4 times in only one semester (Education-Human Services-Social Work-Radiology Technician). Keep reading for hard questions to ask before choosing a major.

1. Does my personality fit this major?

2. Does my college/university have what I’m interested in?


3. Graduate School?

4. Is my college strong with the major?

Nursing at an art school? No, probably not.

5. Do you want to do this for 30+ years?

6. Do I know enough about this major?

7. Can I get a job in/quickly after graduating?

8. Should I shadow someone before I declare my major?


9. Will this major lead to a job that fits your lifestyle?

Think about family time, travel time, and will it cover all the vacations you want in the summer?

10. Can I live up to the requirements?

Basically saying, can I handle anatomy 1 & 2, chemistry, physics, and 3 psychology classes?

What are other hard questions you should ask yourself before choosing a major? Comment below!
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