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What Happens When You Go To College With Your Hometown

It took me (literally) until the last day possible to decide what college I was going to go to. I was the girl who never wanted to grow up, and I did not know if I was even ready for college. When I finally decided on UNH I was still uneasy, not because of my decision, but because whether it was one of your friends asking you what college you’re heading to or an adult you got the same response: the same confused and almost disappointed look. Yes, I know firsthand what it is like to go to college with your hometown.


Pushing The Judgement Aside

In a world where everyone is attempting to be different, going to UNH wasn’t exactly the most popular thing to do at my school, Nashua High School South. Yet it was. Sitting down at graduation I saw the list of names going to UNH, some I knew well and some I had only heard of. But man, were there a lot of names.

When you graduate with well over 400 kids there is bound to be more than a few that go to the same school. Not even including the other high school, Nashua North. I tried to push the judgment aside as I started this new chapter in my life.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I came to this school with at least ten of my friends. But it didn’t end there. I knew people in the grades above me all the way to the seniors who were my sister’s age.

At first we clung to each other; we were each other’s security blankets. As time went on I ached to meet new people and to have the experience everyone else seemed to be having.

A month or so into school my best friend made me sign up to go through recruitment. Never in a million years would I think I would be interested in joining a sorority. I knew I wanted to meet people and try something new so I let her drag me through it.

Becoming Familiar With The Unfamiliar

We never really thought we would pick different sororities, but we both knew we wanted to branch out. We knew we would be a good team together, we knew we could make friends if we had each other. But then the day came and we chose different ones.

I went from having so many familiar faces around me to none. I went from having my best friend by my side to nothing but strangers very fast. I was scared out of my mind but I thought to myself “this is what everyone else’s experience is, this is what you wanted”. When I got back to the house and was meeting all the girls, there was one familiar face a junior who I had known for years, and just having that one face made me that much more comfortable.

Best of Both Worlds

Yes, I go to school with a large amount of people that I live in the same city as me.

Yes, I see them from time to time.

See Also

Yes, I still talk to my friends I came here with and I still hang out with them.

Yes, I have friends who aren’t from Nashua.

But who is to say that this is a bad thing?

I have friends from all over and friends from home. When I need a little bit of home I have it. And when I want to get away from home I have it.

So if you ask me going to college with your hometown isn’t that damn bad.

Did you or do you go to college with your entire hometown? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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