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10 Things That Will Happen To You At University Of Louisville

10 Things That Will Happen To You At University Of Louisville

Here are a few things that are guaranteed to happen to you when you come to University of Louisville. Check it out in this article!

Being a Louisville Cardinal. Anyone who knows this to be true also knows that some things happen at Louisville that are just unavoidable. These things can be good, bad, and downright embarrassing. Here’s a list of  a few of those moments any University Of Louisville student should be able to relate to.

1) Getting drenched on the one day that you forget an umbrella.

In Louisville, when it rains it pours. If you’re caught on a rainy day without an umbrella and rain boots, then I am very sorry.Image result for mean girls rain gif

2) Accidentally stepping on the cardinal and being egged on until you kiss it.

Anyone who goes to UofL knows that it’s bad luck to step on the cardinal bird, and the only way to reverse that bad luck is to kiss where you stepped on it.Image result for kiss it gif


3) Eating at the Ville Grill for all three meals one day and asking yourself “Why?”

When it’s the end of the semester and you’re trying to use up all your meal swipes, the Ville Grill is the place to go no matter how much you may hate it.Image result for eating too much gif

4) Using your flex on late night pizza and automatically regretting it.

No matter how good of an idea it may seem at the time, eating five pieces of pizza before bed is something you will regret in the morning.Related image

5) Walking around the library for 15 minutes before you give up on finding a table.

Especially during finals week, the library is so full that finding somewhere to sit and study is nearly impossible.


Image result for searching the library gif

6) Standing in line for Starbucks for so long that you almost miss class.

Starbucks is a very necessary morning pick-me-up, the incessantly long line is not.Image result for starbucks gif

7) Spending “real money” on Qdoba even though you’re forced to buy a meal plan.

Sometimes Twisted Taco just isn’t doing it for you and you give into the temptation of spending your dwindling pocket money on Qdoba.Image result for it's just so good gif

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8) Being stopped a good 4 or 5 times on your way to class by people trying to get you to join their club/ take the free thing they’re giving away/ go to their event/ etc.

Whether you’re walking to the SAC or through the Humanities quad, you’re bound to run into a person or two standing at a booth trying to stop you as you race to class with your headphones in.

Related image


9) Spending way too much time in the Chick-Fil-A line at lunch time.

The SAC is to be avoided at noon; however, we all make that mistake at least once.Image result for crowded cafeteria gif

10) Loving your school despite the ridiculous things you may encounter there.

No school is perfect and you know that it’s little quirks are what makes University of Louisville the place to be.

Image result for i love this place gif
Can you think of any other things that might happen at University Of Louisville?! Comment below!
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