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Top 10 Hangover Snacks You Have To Have

Top 10 Hangover Snacks You Have To Have

Have a little too much fun last night? whether you’re currently feeling that dreaded hangover sickness on this lovely morning, or expecting it on the following, here are the top 10 hangover snacks you have to have.

1) Breakfast Baked Potato

When it comes to hangover snacks, the number one thing that usually comes to mind is breakfast related foods. Namely, because hangovers, or at least what leads to them, tends to make you miss the most important meal of the day, so you find yourself craving some breakfasty snacks. A great little snack that can also turn into a meal is a breakfast baked potato. Simply through some spuds in the microwave or oven and lets them heat on up. After that crack yourself an egg and throw in some bacon or chives or whatever you want-bake it on up and bam! You got yourself one of the most filling and tasty hangover snacks you could ever ask for.


2) Elvis Presley 

No, we aren’t eating people, no matter how zombie-like you may feel. But the legend himself always had a thing for bananas and peanut butter and who’d have guessed that its a great hangover cure? Throw yourself some bread in the toaster and smear some peanut butter on that bread to get a goopy wonderful mess. Add a few banana slices to the mix and you have this sweet and salty number that makes all other snacks seem obsolete. Don’t let this one escape the wrath of your hangover because it will surely perk you right up.

3) Guac!

Whether you make a quick run to Chipotle or are a master of your own guac creations, guacamole can actually be a lifesaver when it comes to a hangover. Of all the snacks you may question why this one is so good for that aching stomach and head. Well, it turns out that the natural oils found in avocado and cilantro-two primary ingredients in guac, are naturally calming to the stomach and can lead you to feel less sore and put out so that you can slowly tackle that headache if it doesn’t go away from this tasty snack.


4) Pizza Waffles

Oh yeah, I meant what I said. You want some snacks? Make yourself some freaking pizza waffles! Whipping up some waffle batter can take a minute but if you have a waffle iron handy with some pepperoni, cheese, and sauce-you’ve got the ingredients to a perfect hangover cure. Crispy crunchy waffle batter leading into warm melty cheese and a meat of your choice will have your stomach partying all over again. Instead of mourning the ending of last night’s festivities. Again I’m stretching the term snacks a bit here, but do you really care? We’re talking pizza waffles people!


5) Puff Pancakes

Okay, I strongly recommend looking this one up. Of all the snacks listed here, this one is simply a small change on a classic that makes this a wonderful hangover cure. What really warrants this being here on this list of snacks is the texture. Effectively all you do differently here from making normal pancakes are that you whip egg whites into a fluffy concoction when you mix everything together. this gives the pancakes volume and a really satisfying chew. because pancakes on their own don’t really sound great in terms of snacks when they’re on their own. But turning them into something a little more substantial with a chewy texture suddenly elevates them to legendary status for a hangover cure.

6) Avocado Toast 

Probably the simplest idea on this list of snacks. Giving yourself some various texture in your snacks when trying to cure a hangover is key to making yourself feel better. The crunch of some toast followed by a creamy savory spread of avocado on top can be a simple not threatening way to fill your stomach and give it a rest from your festivities the prior night.


7) Breakfast Biscuit Fries

In terms of making snacks, this one will take a little bit of time. But you literally will be a hangover hero if you can manage to whip this one together for some pals. Basically, you can just buy some biscuit dough that comes in those prepackaged thin cans in the refrigerator section and section them off into fry-like shapes. Then you, quickly give them fry and serve them alongside your other favorites breakfast foods with a gravy of your choosing. Which too can be bought right in-store and whipped up with a little milk on a stove. Simple ingredients, better snacks, no more hangover.

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8) Banana Smoothie

Maybe I’m the odd man out on this one, but in terms of something to drink with these snacks, I’d say this is a winner. Banans, in general, are good for hangovers given all their nutrients and their ability to fill you up quickly. But the texture can be a bit off-putting after a night of drinking. Thus, making a cool creamy smoothie or milkshake out of them might really do some good for your stomach. because sometimes while you want snacks, your stomach might only be able to handle something more fluid. This one is for you, in that scenario.


9) Pickles

I feel like in terms of the other snacks, this one doesn’t take much explaining. Many people I know suddenly start to crave these salty brined vegetables sooner or later. And its always at the most random of times. Thus, if you think ahead and have these lovely snacks in a jar around-You’ll be all set to kick that hangover to the curb. Salty, savory, a good crunch, and electrolytes with the sodium content to help your body replenish what you need after the alcohol strips it out of you.

10) Smores Crepes

I give you permission to throw smores together simply because you want to. You can thank me later as the master of hangover snacks. Seriously though, healthy food reasons aside, throwing together some crepes and putting smores ingredients on them will give your body the sugar and carbs it needs to quickly burn off the off-putting feeling in your stomach. Not to mention the gooey chocolate/marshmallow, crisp crepe, and crunchy graham cracker will give you a lot of good texture so that you don’t feel like you’re eating anything too sloppy. Which your stomach would usually find off-putting, especially with a hangover.


Some of these snacks calling to you more than others? Or perhaps you have an interesting spin on one of these classic hangover cures? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to leave some other ideas, we could all use more snacks!

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