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Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

We have all been there. Last night was so much fun, but you got a little carried away. Now, you have a miserable hangover, and you need to go take your Psych final in three hours. Check this list of hangover remedies so you can get yourself together and be ready to take on the day’s hurtles.

Drink Electrolyte-Infused Beverages

You just woke up, you have a hangover, and you are sooo thirsty. Water probably looks like the best thing out there, and you likely have been told drinking water will ease your hangover woes. However, plain old water will not fix it all. You can knock out more than just dehydration with your choice beverage, as long as you choose wisely.

Instead of grabbing a bottle of water, grab a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade. Any drink infused with electrolytes will both rehydrate you and rebalance your body’s electrolytes, resulting in a much more together you. Electrolytes help your body stay in working order, and an imbalance can cause dizziness, headaches, brain fog, and flu-like symptoms. So for your hangover, if your only option to drink is water, that works. But for even better results, go for the electrolytes.

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Eat Proteins and Carbs

You may not really feel like eating when you wake up with a hangover, but eating some eggs and bacon can be a good idea. The local 24 hour breakfast joint has just the medicine you need. And if you feel like throwing some hash browns and toast into the mix, please do. The carbs will help raise your blood sugar levels, giving you more energy.

Foods like eggs and bacon contain the amino acid cysteine, which helps in acetaldehyde reduction. Your body makes acetaldehyde when it tries to break down all of that alcohol you drank. This product makes you feel nauseous, so forcing down that breakfast can actually help you not want to hurl. While forcing down this protein-rich meal, think happy thoughts of what your near future will hold, being a hangover-free day. Just be sure not to overdo it; if you start feeling worse, stop eating and try another hangover cure.

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Have Some Caffeine

Whether drinking soda, tea, or coffee, caffeine will help you feel better. Though it does not really combat what is causing your hangover, it will help some of your symptoms lessen. So while shoveling down your protein and carb breakfast, add some caffeine on the side.

If you regularly enjoy caffeine, you need to get some into your system because you are probably dependent on it, as it is a drug. But whether you are dependent on it or not, caffeine will help clear your brain haze and speed up your body functions. Plus, it will help flush the alcohol out of your system, which is what you need to get past your hangover. Just make sure you are also drinking water, since you were dehydrated enough before you drank caffeine. Grabbing a caffeinated soda is probably a better idea than going straight for the coffee, as soda tends to be less harsh on your stomach. However, if you feel up to the coffee challenge, dive in, but proceed with caution.

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Take a Cold Shower

You feel like crap, and whether you realize it or not, you smell like crap. That alcohol has broken down and seeped out of your pores, and you smell unusually sweet-ish. So, to help with your feelings and your smells, take a cold shower. It may not sound ideal, but it really will help.

The shock of a cold shower gets all of your systems pumping faster than they were. You will be able to focus better, and your body will begin processing the remains from last night faster. They need to get out somehow, so however you can help, please do. Cold water also boosts your immune system, so your body will work faster at healing itself. Plus, you will feel better getting all of that funk washed off of you. Try using peppermint body wash, as it is a natural soother for upset stomachs and body pains.

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

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Rest Up

If you have the time, chill out a little. Wake up a little slower, letting your body slowly get up instead of jump starting it as soon as your eyes open. Take it easy. Your body has been working crazy hard while you slept, trying to get rid of all of that alcohol you drank last night.

Drinking a lot of alcohol overwhelms your body. So though you conked out last night as soon as your head hit the pillow, your body was pumping in some serious overtime trying to process the alcohol you drank. Think about it; the way alcohol makes you feel means your body is experiencing something throwing it off. Fixing that and getting you back to normal takes a lot of work, which is why you have a hangover. Try resting while implementing another one of these hangover hacks, like drinking electrolytes or eating a good breakfast, so you can be on your feet faster.

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Down Some Ginger

One sure-fire way to get those yucky belly hangover feelings to subside is with an ancient remedy: ginger root. Ginger root has been used for a very long time to cure nausea. Why do you think your grandparents always try to give you Ginger Ale when you are sick?

Whether you reach for a can of ginger beer (non-alcoholic) or eat a ginger chew, you will feel better soon. Ginger root promotes the production of acid-reducing enzymes in your stomach, as well as containing natural elements that relax stomach muscles. So whatever is in your belly making it churn, ginger root will calm it all down. Ginger root has a strong flavor, so turning to a ginger beer is a good option if you are already not too fond of the taste.

Hangover Healing Hacks To Get You In Working Order

Which of these hangover hacks are you going to try? What is your go-to hangover cure? Let me know in the comments below!

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