8 Handy Apps Every College Student Needs

8 Handy Apps Every College Student Needs

While you may know how to gear up your phone with the latest and greatest of apps to find the perfect face filter, there are plenty of handy apps college students need to make life just a little more simpler. When it comes to staying on top of our school work, our finances or our health, there are plenty of apps that can aid us in sorting it all out.

1. TinyScan

While many of us may have never owned or needed use of an actual scanner, scanning your documents can prove really handy when trying to sort information from your text books, or needing a way to keep track of receipts for purchases that will be reimbursed later. I mean, who would say, “no” to a convenient portable scanner in your pocket? TinyScan allows you to scan in color, grayscale, or black & white. The app automatically detects page edges, conveniently turns scans into PDF files, and allows password protection. 

2. Duolingo

Even if we hope the Duolingo owl does not come for us for skipping a lesson, Duolingo is still a fun and handy foreign language app that can prove to be a helpful tool. For students studying a foreign language, or for foreign language advocates who wish to pick up more languages, Duolingo is an interactive app the uses exciting cognitive lessons to aid in your language advancements.

8 Handy Apps Every College Student Needs

3. Yelp

Whether you need ideas of what to do and where to go this weekend or if you are in a new city and need the trusting guidance of online strangers on where to eat and go for entertainment, there is nothing better than Yelp. With over 135 million reviews of establishments worldwide, Yelp is your guiding light in finding the best rave reviews on where to eat, drink, shop and explore.

4. Dashlane 

As we venture off into adulthood and have more important accounts to manage, our brains can get clogged with the ever growing responsibly of keeping our user names, passwords, and personal data in check. Dashlane is a handy app every college student needs that keeps your most valuable information protected. The app will give you the ability to store, secure and access the information that needs the most security and protection.


5. Mint

Mint is the ultimate finance app that takes adulting to a whole new level. If you thought the beginning and end of keeping track of your bank account was to just make sure you had enough funds to go clubbing next weekend you thought wrong. This handy app will keep track of your bills, your credit score, and aid you in budgeting your spendings. Sometimes it takes advanced technology to tell us it is unwise to purchase Starbucks 5 times a week.

8 Handy Apps Every College Student Needs

6. Venmo 

Speaking of finances, since no one is exactly carrying around a wad of cash at any given time nowadays, lending and borrowing money can get a bit tricky in our digital age. Whether you are   paying back a friend that covered you for lunch, or whether you and your squad are collectively paying for your grand Spring Break trip, Venmo proves itself to be a handy app to pass around funds between family and friends. All you need its an email or phone number. Venmo is safe to use for the app uses encryptions to help protect your information and monitor transactions and activity.

7. MyFitnessPal 

Since many of us try to avoid becoming victims of the Freshman 15, keeping track of our nutrition, diet and exercise can get away from us, however there are solutions. MyFitnessPal is an app that caters to your every need to lose and monitor weight. It provides a personalized diet profile, a searchable food database, and exercise monitoring. It is good to have something else other than ourselves to keep track of the donut we had a 9 am.

8 Handy Apps Every College Student Needs

8. Amazon

Your one-stop online shop can be found in the serviceable Amazon. Need some deals on clothing, books, electronics, or furniture? Amazon will provide. The Amazon app makes it handy to get product details, read costumer reviews, and scan barcodes to check prices instantly. Shopping around on Amazon gives you that same type of kinship feeling as when you walk into Target.

What are some handy apps you cannot live without? Share with us down below!

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