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How To Handle Depression In College

How To Handle Depression In College


We all have times when we’re down. There is not a single person out there who doesn’t get sad or upset sometimes. But when a person suffers from depression, those times almost never end. Depression is a real disorder that someone has to fight through each day to have a normal, good life. I myself suffer from dysthymia, which is a milder form of depression that lasts for two or more years. Some days are easier to get through while others can be tough.

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When a person with depression enters into a university, it can get even more difficult. There are a lot of added stressors and relationships when beginning school that most people haven’t experienced before. This can really take a toll on people with depression, especially over time. The good news is that there are ways to tolerate – or even positively manage – depression.

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1. Maintain relationships.

Though relationships can be a struggle sometimes, they can also be really helpful when managing negative emotions. People can rely on each other when going through a rough patch, especially when trying to handle depression.


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2. Talk about it.

Talking to someone about what goes on in my life or what I’m feeling can really help me out when I don’t feel well or am having a bad day, or something has triggered worsening symptoms.

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3. Make lists and organize.

Another thing that really makes a difference for me is when I have a ton to do with homework, my sorority, or other events, I make lists starting with what is most important. And then I just make my way down the list, completing things and ticking them off.

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4. Manage your time.

Making lists to handle depression not only helps me to manage my time, it also de-stresses me so that I have less to worry about in the immediate future. For me, taking control of my time relieves a lot of the anxiety that I feel, which then makes me feel more relaxed and less likely to experience an episode.

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5. Step away for a minute.

Whenever I feel like my symptoms are worsening, I usually put in my headphones, listen to some music, and take a walk around campus. Listening and observing beautiful things reminds me why being alive and active in life is so wonderful. It makes me think about how, no matter what I’m feeling, there is more than just me and myself out there. Being out in the sunlight just really makes me feel better when I feel down.


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Trying to handle depression can be really difficult and I understand that. But what you have to remember is that no matter what life throws at you or how hard it can be sometimes, there are always ways to manage it and ways to remind yourself how glorious it is to be you. So, keep trucking on.

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