Halo Beauty by Tati: Worth The Hype? A Review

One of YouTube's biggest beauty gurus, Tati Westbrook, has released a new brand of beauty supplement. Check out the details and our thoughts on it.

When it comes to taking beauty supplement, the general opinion is usually mixed. Some people see them as an essential part of a healthy life, while others believe they’re overpriced pills that do absolutely nothing. In the beauty realm of YouTube, big beauty gurus team up with big makeup companies and release a unique product. However, some might argue that such collaborations are nothing but a publicity stunt. This involves taking company product, slapping a popular beauty influencers name on the front and calling it “new” so the company stays relevant and the guru gains more followers. However, there is one individual in the industry who started her own company with a rather different, yet unique product.

Halo Beauty by Tati: Worth The Hype? A Review

Tati Westbrook is a popular beauty guru on YouTube with over four million subscribers. Going by the name glamlifeguru on social media, Tati is known for being 100 percent honest with her subscribers and always being a positive influence for her audience. Tati is a YouTuber whose channel is based on reviews. She buys or receives beauty products (makeup, skincare, or haircare) and reviews them on her channel for people. She has many different series on her channels, which involve her coming up with creative ways to test out products in order to keep her audience engaged with her content. For example, “WTF”, is a video series where Tati buys very high-end products and determines whether or not they are worth the price. In most cases, these products aren’t worth their extraordinary price tags.

Tati promotes quality content in a family-friendly environment, rarely using foul language or making judgemental statements. Some might argue that this is the reason why most people love her channel. Once in awhile, Tati faces negativity from fans when it comes to certain collaboration videos that she does. Most of the time, people do not like seeing Tati associating herself with other beauty gurus who are known to be a bit more controversial.

Back in February 2018, Tati shook the beauty community when she announced a release of a beauty line. Everyone was very excited to see what she was coming out with. However, some might say that fans were a little surprised when she announced that the first product of her brand was going to be: Halo Beauty, a hair, skin and nail supplement.

As I said before, a goal of most beauty gurus on YouTube is to one day own their own makeup company. Therefore, you can argue that there was an obvious reason for the negativity and hate comments when Tati made her announcement. Most people were expecting her to release a makeup product — not beauty supplement.

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After a few hours, Tati ended up disabling the comments on her MY BRAND ANNOUNCEMENT … xo’s video because it seemed that many people felt disappointed and let down. Needless to say, many people bought the product (myself included) when it launched, and it seems that Tati has had some success. She often shares before and after photos of customers on her various social media platforms.

Halo Beauty by Tati: Worth The Hype? A Review

Supplements like Halo Beauty are worth the hype only through personal experience. The only way to know for sure is to try them out yourself. I did, and have been pleasantly surprised. You can purchase Halo Beauty online for $39.95 plus shipping. The bottle comes with 60 pills, and you take two a day. For more information visit HaloBeauty.com, or follow them on Twitter @halobeauty or Instagram @HaloBeauty.  

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