Top 10 Halloween Snapchat Filters

Snapchat is one of your favorite apps which you use every day. You love how the newest Snapchat filter can make your friends and family laugh at how cool (or ridiculous) you look. Since Halloween is right around the corner, you’re on the lookout for the best Snapchat filters that you can try out. If they’re good enough, you may even recommend them. Now, you could wait until some Halloween themed filters appear on your home screen, or you could search the whole app for ones that other users have made. Many of these are pretty lame, but a handful of them are ones you absolutely need to try!

Spiderwebs, Ghosts, and a Haunted House

A Halloween Snapchat filter doesn’t always have to be funny or scary. Sometimes, a minimalist approach works just as well. This filter leaves enough room for your face in the center, but has various Halloween themed icons on the edges. Some spiderwebs are up in the top corners, while two orange ghosts guard a tiny haunted house. Your name is also included in the filter with the headline *your name’s* Halloween. A little simple, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it. Consider pretending to eat one of the ghosts, or pointing to your name.

Ghosts and spiderwebs

A pumpkin necklace

Similar to the previous Snapchat filter, this one also includes your name, followed by the words ‘Halloween party’. However, that’s not really the interesting bit. No, the necklace is what’ll tell people that this is a Halloween filter. Five grinning pumpkins form the necklace, but you’ll have to position your head just right, or else it won’t look good. You’ll only probably use this filter once, since there isn’t much drawing you back. If you wanted to get more use out of it, though, you could try it out on other things like your pet or someone on TV.

Pumpkin necklace

A Jack-o-lantern

A Snapchat filter that has more going for it is the Jack-o-lantern. A good-sized pumpkin takes up most of the bottom part of the frame, while the stem is hanging suspended from the top. Of course, your head should be in the middle of these two objects for maximum effect. You’re not required to look straight at the camera, though. You can be busy doing something else and it’ll still look pretty good. This filter is less about creativity, and more about letting people know that you’re celebrating the season.

A jack-o-lantern

Bats and Webs 

A fun and festive Snapchat filter that will show everyone your love for Halloween is the Bats and Webs. A diagonal slash of orange cuts the bottom part of the screen, and this is filled with iconic signs of the holiday. A couple bats fly around a gigantic spiderweb that is the main focus of this slash. Above, a line of party flags completes the filter. These flags, while not colored orange and black like you’d expect, are instead mostly different shades of green. This change just seems to fit, though. Nothing appears out of place.

Bats and webs

Zombie Apocalypse

Are you a fan of zombies? If so, this Snapchat filter will give you exactly what you’re looking for! Again, the design is not over-the-top like other holiday filters. It includes just enough of a Halloween presence to be noticeable, but it won’t take over the main part of the picture: your face! So, what sort of zombie stuff are we talking about? Well, a zombie with the word ‘Braains’ is the first thing that will draw your eye, followed quickly by the tombstone with the hand coming out of the ground. Some purple grass (the designers were probably going for a dead look) goes from edge to edge under these two images.

Zombie Apocalypse

Little Paper Witch and Pumpkin

Don’t forget to leave your kids out of the fun. Search for a Snapchat filter that is not too adult; something that is properly suited to a young person. This filter will probably be one of the first that comes up. A little witch made out of paper is conducting a magical spell with a red leaf to make a pumpkin grow. While the incantation succeeds and the pumpkin grows even taller than she is, it causes a human sized bat to be summoned, but never fear, for this bat appears to be friendly. He cat’s a little spooked by all this, though.¬†

Paper witch and pumpkin

Fall leaves

You like having access to at least one wacky Snapchat filter, but there are moments when you want something a little more classy. Perhaps there’s someone you’re hoping to impress with a great picture of yourself surrounded by fall leaves. Of course, the leaves are going to be fake, but they’ll still look pretty good. An extra touch of this filter is that it includes your name, followed by the word ‘Halloween’, so that there can be no doubt that the fall leaves signify that holiday, and not Thanksgiving. Probably a good thing too, since the leaves by themselves can mean a couple different things.

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Fall leaves

Trick-or-treat ghost

If you’re planning on having a Halloween party, odds are that you’ll want a Snapchat filter to let everyone know. Are you not going to have a party? Well, that’s too bad, but you might as well pretend like you’re having once, since no one will know whether or not it’s true! A little trick-or-treater with a paper bag held out for candy is the thing that will first draw your attention. Doesn’t it look a little familiar, though. Oh yeah, that’s one of the kids from the Charlie Brown special! Nice little inclusion, there.

Trick-or-treat ghost

Scary Face

Finally, a Snapchat filter that changes your face! As you can see, this filter alters your face by putting a lot of black paint around your eyes and mouth. Not sure what you’re supposed to be, but it looks Halloween-ish, so it checks out. Honestly, you could do without the words telling you to come to the Halloween party. What if you don’t want to go, hmm? No one ever thinks of that. Some ghosts are strung on a string at the top, and they look passably nice, and they also seem to complement the black paint pretty well.

Scary face

Bones and claws

Hey, look, another Snapchat filter showcasing a Halloween party that you weren’t invited to. Whatever, their smiles look fake. They’re probably not even having a good time. Anyway, this filter’s got some bones and diseased looking claws on a string at the top of the screen, with a sickly looking light at the bottom to match. The ever present words, particularly the ones in black, are a little hard to read, but you don’t care much since you wish they weren’t there in the first place.

Bones and claws

Have you tried any of these Snapchat filters? Are there ones that you like more than these? Let us know in the comments below!

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