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25 Halloween Recipes That Will Make You the Talk of Your Floor

There are tons of adorably spooky (and delicious!) Halloween recipes out there, it can be hard picking just a couple to make! Keep reading for 25 of the best Halloween recipes that will make you the talk of your floor.

1. Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese

Don’t let the color fool you, this mac and cheese recipe is still totally delicious.

Learn how to make it here!

2. Haunted Pancakes

So adorable! Spook up your breakfast with these fun haunted pancakes.

Get this pancake recipe here!

3. Mummy Cookies

These little mummy cookies are yummy and easy to make! Just a few swipes of frosting and some googly eyes will easily mummify any cookie.

Learn how to make these cookies here!

4. Jalapeño Mummies

How cute are these? These jalapeño mummies will definitely spice up your Halloween.

Find this jalapeño popper recipe here!

5. Halloween Muddy Buddies

This is one of the best Halloween recipes for sharing with your floor! A spooky surprise with each bite.

Get this muddy buddy recipe here!

6. Orange Oreo Popcorn

Spooky, salty, and sweet. This is also one of the best Halloween recipes to share with friends!

Learn how to make this popcorn here!

7. Frankentwinkies

These adorable Frankenstein Twinkies will be a hit on your floor. And they don’t require very many ingredients, either!

Find the recipe for these Frankentwinkies here!

8. Candy Corn Cookies

These layered sugar cookies are the perfect treat for Halloween. Great for anyone who loves cream cheese frosting!

Learn how to make these cookies here!

9. Mini Monster Whoopie Pies

These mini whoopie pies are great for a bite-sized dessert. Plus, they’re pretty darn cute.

Get the recipe for these whoopie pies here!

10. Frankenstein Pretzels

Try (if you dare) to eat just one of these Frankenstein pretzels. It’s impossible.

Find this Frankenstein pretzel recipe here!

11. Pumpkin Cheesecake Mummy Truffles

This recipe is a no bake, so it is really easy to do in the dorm if you have a refrigerator!

Learn how to make these truffles here!

12. Mini Spider Pizzas

Make these mini pizzas as the main course to a scary movie binge watch sesh! And all you need to do is chop up some black olives to pull them off.

13. Creepy Worms and Bugs Bark

This Halloween candy bark is not only creepy, it is pretty fun to look at, too! For sure one of the most insta-worthy Halloween recipes on the list.

Learn how to make this creepy bark here!

14. Boo-nilla Ghost Milkshakes

If you have a blender, these ghostly milkshakes will be a hit on your floor.

Find the recipe for these milkshakes here!

15. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

These little Rice Krispie Treat monsters are adorable, and if you don’t have time to make the Rice Krispie Treats, you can always start out store-bought!

Get the recipe for these Rice Krispie Treats here!

16. Graveyard Mousse

Make your favorite pudding or mousse and ice a cookie as your “headstone”. Easy and so cute!

17. Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Good enough to want to eat all year long. Seriously.

Try out the recipes for these cookies here!

See Also

18. Pumpkin Rice Krispies

Because you can never have enough Rice Krispies, right!?

Find these pumpkin Rice Krispies here!

19. Chicken Boo-dle Soup

If you are more of a savory than sweet person, Halloween treats might not be your thing. But this chicken boo-dle soup is the perfect remedy!

Get the recipe for this soup here!

20. Halloween Oreo Balls

Another no bake recipe! These Halloween Oreo balls are great for sharing, and just as fun to make as they are to eat.

Learn how to make these Oreo balls here!

21. Spooky Roasted Veggies

…I guess we can sneak some veggies in, right?

Find out how to make these spooky roasted veggies here!

22. Devilish Deviled Eggs

Another snack for the savory crowd. These deviled eggs are one of the best recipes to snack on before you eat all of that candy.

Get this recipe here!

23. Spiderweb Brownies

We totally won’t judge if you accidentally finish this whole tray by yourself.

Find the recipe for these spiderweb brownies here!

24. Jack O’Lantern Turnovers

All you have to do for this treat is follow your fave turnover recipe, and cut them into spooky faces! A fun twist on a classic.

25. Snake Soup Dippers

These poppy seed twists are perfect for dipping in soup! (That is, if you’re not afraid of snakes…)

Find the recipes for these snakes here!


What is one of your favorite Halloween recipes? Tell us in the comments below!
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