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25 Halloween Party Ideas to Take Your Bash to the Next Level

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year, but not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Keep reading for 25 Halloween party ideas that will totally take your bash to the next level.

1. Booze-Filled Syringes

Free shots, anyone? Fill up plastic syringes with Jell-O shots and your friends will be talking about these shooters for weeks.

2. Pumpkin Bowl

Hollow out a pumpkin, line with plastic wrap if you’d like, and fill it up with your favorite dip!

3. Ghostly Place Setting

If your party is a little more formal, a great way to amp up your table is to make a ghostly place setting for your guests! Simply take a permanent market to make a few ghost faces on white balloons, and tether them to each guest’s plate.

4. Photo BOO-th

Your guests will love this adorable photo BOO-th! The one of the best Halloween party ideas to make your party extra insta-worthy.

5. Bug Juice

Whether you need something for the under 21 crowd, or looking for a fun way to showcase your spookiest of jungle juices, this “bug juice” punch bowl is perfectly creepy.

6. Dip-Spewing Pumpkin

Just went you thought nothing in this world could make something as delicious as spinach and artichoke dip unappetizing…

7.  Spooky Ice Hand

Spook up your sangria by filling a latex or plastic glove with water, freezing it, and then cut the glove off. Creepy!

8. Jack O’Lantern Clementines

Want a few healthy Halloween party ideas? Just grab a permanent black marker and draw some Jack O’Lantern faces on clementines. Adorable and so easy!

9. Halloween S’mores

A fun and super cute idea for party favors is Halloween s’mores! Put a piece of chocolate, a ghost peep, and a graham cracker in a baggie along with some instructions.

10. Candy Corn Centerpiece

This candy corn centerpiece is so easy to pull off! All you need is a vase of your choice, a few bags of candy corn, and a decorative branch to place in the center.

11. Dry Ice Jack O’Lantern

Be careful with this one! You will need dry ice to pull this decoration off, but once completed it will look absolutely amazing.

12. Creepy Candy Vases

One of the easiest Halloween party ideas, this is a cute way to put out a spread of candy. Just put them in glass vases with little signs on them and make each one creepy, such as ” Crows Bones” or “Frog Eyes” for added effect!

13. Popcorn Cauldrons

Display different kinds of popcorn in cauldrons for your guests to enjoy!

14. Skeleton Chilling in the Pool

If any part of your party is near a pool, throw a skeleton in a pool tube! It’s hilarious, and will definitely  creep out your guests.

15. Poison Apples

These poison apples are not only creepy, they’re so realistic! They are also perfect for a centerpiece.

Learn how to make them here!

16. Hay Bale Bowling

Take your party outside and create your own bowling lanes with bales of hay!

17. Snake Wreath

Wrap toy snakes around a plain wreath and spray paint it black to create this chic snake wreath.

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18. Spider Balloon

All you need is a black balloon and some black streamers, and voila! Giant spider!

19. Skeleton Trophies

Hold a costume contest and hand out these adorable golden skeleton trophies as prizes!

20. Spooky Ice Bowl

Place a blue light at the bottom of your ice to make your booze a little spooky!

21. Ghostly Fridge

A super easy way to make your kitchen more festive! Just cut out a ghost face out of black construction paper and tape to your fridge.

22. Pineapple Jack O’Lantern

Is your party taking place in a warmer climate? Carve up a pineapple for your Jack O’Lanterns!

23. Ghoulish Party Cups

If you can get your hands on some black party cups, then just tack on some eyes to make these ghoulish party cups!

24. Glow Stick Jars

Make lanterns out of glow sticks for your party. They’re pretty, and all you have to do is crack open a glow stick and make sure it coats the sides of a mason jar.

25. Ghost Lanterns

Dress up your front porch with these adorable ghost lanterns! The perfect way to great your guests.

What are some of your favorite Halloween party ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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