Halloween Party Ideas That’ll Impress Your Guests

Halloween party ideas are going to make your next party way spookier! The best part of Halloween is organizing some festivities to share with friends and family. There is so much inspiration that it is hard to know where to begin. Should you stick with a classic vampire theme or embrace broader ideas? How do you include something that everyone will enjoy and that hasn’t been done a thousand times before?

Never to fear, these are 5 sure Halloween party ideas you can use so that your party will impress guests of all ages. Mix together a few of these simple Halloween party ideas for a truly spooktacular night of fun!

1. Turn your house into a haunted mansion

The first Halloween party must is the backdrop. Go to town with your decorations and make them as original as possible, with bonus points for any craft ideas you come up with to make yourself. Make your aesthetic that perfect blend between creepy and cool, so that your guests won’t be able to resist taking some snaps for insta.

Drape fake cobwebs in every crevice, organize some darker lighting and decorate your front garden with some cardboard tombstones for a full haunted mansion effect. It’s super easy to put together, with the effect being in the little details that show you’ve gone the extra mile.

Halloween Party Ideas That'll Impress Your Guests

2. Make a mini projector and have a spooky movie night

Use your phone, a magnifying glass, a wall and some scissors to fashion a mini projector you can use to put on some cinema worthy movie screenings for your guests. This is another Halloween party idea that isn’t too time or effort consuming to put together. Simply cut a space in your box to tape the magnifying glass to and prop your phone up behind for instant movie projection magic. Accompany with some popcorn for Halloween perfection.

In terms of content that you could put on, think up some ghoulish party games and allow your winners to take their pick of your selection. Some musts to have prepared are Edward Scissorhands, Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas. You could even host some movie trivia to go along with this.

Halloween Party Ideas That'll Impress Your Guests

3. Host a pumpkin picking and carving competition

If you’re looking for a Halloween party idea that is suitable for all ages, a good place to start is by making your event a little longer. During the afternoon, meet up with your friends and family to go pumpkin picking at the local ‘pick your own’ and then host a pumpkin carving competition when you get back.

This can be as group centered or competition based as you would like, but a few recommendations would be to prepare some stencils and carving supplies to inspire your guests before you get started. And make sure to have plenty of gruesomely awesome snacks as sustenance during the latter activity, such as pumpkin spiced cupcakes or jelly spiders.

Halloween Party Ideas That'll Impress Your Guests

4. Set up a photo booth

It’s fun, it’s cheesy, it’s everything your party needs to be a huge success that will leave your guests with some fantastic memories. Whether you pitch an old style tent or just use a particular space to the side of one room, set up a camera and Halloween themed props that your friends can take some silly photos with.

A simple but brilliant idea is cutting up some printouts or parts of magazines to make masks or moustaches. Tape these on to some pipe cleaners or lollipop sticks so that they can be held up to the face. Throw in some monsters, ghosts and zombies and you’re good to go.

Halloween Party Ideas That'll Impress Your Guests

5. Bake some Halloween treats to rival even the Great British Bake Off

Would it really be a Halloween party if there wasn’t a mouthwatering buffet table? Make your snacks as quirky and out there as you can because it’s the one time of year when the gorier something looks, the better it is.

Make some fruit punch (blood red of course), cauldron cupcakes and pumpkin pasties for all to share, and don’t forget the toffee apples. Mix in some plastic spiders with snacks such as chips or smarties for extra good measure. By the time you’re done, this Halloween party idea will blow out of the water anything they make on Bake Off!

Halloween Party Ideas That'll Impress Your Guests

What are your Halloween party ideas? Which of these Halloween party ideas do you love? Tell us in the comments!
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