10 Halloween Nail Art Looks We’re Loving

Some people slap together a Halloween look last minute (looking at you pajama onesies). Waiting until the last minute isn’t our style. We’ve been thinking about our Halloween costumes before we pulled out the pool floats! We’ve been combing over every detail of our outfits (yes, plural) and that includes our nails. If you’re a Halloween enthusiast like us, this article is for you! Here are 10 Halloween nail art looks you need to live your best spooky life.

1. Black & Gold Magic

Black is one of the two essential colors for Halloween. This black and gold Halloween nail art is perfect for someone who loves both Halloween and astrology. The matte polish makes this look more rustic instead of perfect glossy shine. The intricate, henna-inspired details make this look anything but boring. A spooky moon is definitely needed for the witches potions you’ll be brewing with these nails!

2. Bloody Nails

Halloween nail art can get spooky. This next nail look is definitely creeping us out in a good way. It’s a very subtle nail overall but the things that make it stand out are the color and shape. These nails have a stiletto shape, meaning they have a very pointy tip. Stiletto nails, when done correctly, can look like natural claws. Combine that shape with an ombre red that looks like dripping blood and you’ve got a combination that’s perfectly scary!

3. Striped Mummy

The next Halloween nail art is so versatile that we questioned whether or not they were ‘Halloween’ enough to make it the list! The nail art features black and white stripes that will make your nails look like they’re perfectly mummified. This nail look is also perfect if you plan on trying this nail design before, during, or after Halloween. Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or wear them with toilet paper wrapped around your body. You can totally get away with making these nails seem casual because these stripes can be worn any time of year! 

4. Killer Claws

Nails so sharp they could kill a man? That’s perfect for Halloween! Not only are these nails super sharp but they also feature tiny kitchen knives that look so real, you won’t wanna touch them. We love that the nail underneath the art is clear. The combination gives the illusion that the knives are the nails and that nothing else is supporting them. Having knives for nails has never been more glamorous. Wolverine who?

5. Cut Cuticles

Have you ever been to the nail salon and your nail tech cut your cuticles a little too much? First off, if you answered yes then run for the hills, honey! This next Halloween nail art looks like bleeding cuticles, but make it fashion. What we love about these nails is that there’s no polish on the nail which makes it look supernatural. We’re also living for the blood dripping down the nail! The color and the shine make it look so realistic. This nail look is not for the easily queasy.

6. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

Halloween is the perfect time to incorporate some of your favorite films into your looks! These Beetlejuice inspired nails have all the right essentials. The spiderweb and the black and white stripes are a dead giveaway to any Beetlejuice fan. This person even added a little glamour to this set by adding a glittery purple to their ring finger. This is the perfect example of taking a concept and adding your own personal flair to it. You can still be you while you’re pretending to be someone else!

7. Do Not Cross

The next Halloween nail art is so cute that it’s a crime! You won’t have trouble finding out who dun’ it with these nails because this person has the crime scene written all over them. We love how accurate the lettering is and how it crisscrosses instead of being straight across. Whoever did these nails is definitely a professional in our eyes. The contrast between the white polish underneath and the yellow design makes the ‘Crime scene do not cross’ stand out perfectly.

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8. Batty 4 You

Halloween nail art has a tendency to be gruesome and scary. But for some people, that’s just not their style. For those of you that love Halloween but want to keep your nails cute and pretty, try something like this nails set! It’s got a lovely light purple color with little white sparkles. Even the bats on these nails are adorable as they’ve got big, cartoonish googly eyes that make them seem more friendly than frightening.

9. Simply Art

There’s a reason these looks are called “Halloween nail art”. It’s because these nails are art. The intricate designs and patterns take time and hard work to master. Just because the work isn’t done on a canvas, doesn’t mean these nails are any less like art than an oil painting. The next nails are the embodiment of Halloween nail art. They’re crazy scary but also so beautiful, you won’t want to look away. Swirls of black smoke curl around the nail like a death eater from Harry Potter. We can’t decide if these nails are more scary or beautiful so we’ve decided that it’s scary how beautiful they are.

10. On the Web

Could it really be a complete list of Halloween nail art, if we didn’t dedicate one of the slots to spiderwebs? Spiderwebs are an essential Halloween decoration. They’re almost as popular as the pumpkin! Now, we did see spiderwebs in the nail art from number six but we figured that spiderwebs are so important that they need their own time to shine. That’s exactly what the nails below are all about. The nails are coated with a clear gloss which allows the cobwebs to be the center of attention.

What are you going to dress up as on Halloween? Which Halloween nail art look was your favorite? Would you wear any of these for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments section!

Featured image courtesy of: fazhion.co
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