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25 Halloween Movies You Need To Watch To Get Into The Season

25 Halloween Movies You Need To Watch To Get Into The Season

No matter how much a scary movie scares me, I will always want the thrill of watching another one. These days there are so many ridiculous horror movies that makes me not to watch anything in that genre again. But thank goodness history shows otherwise! These following movies, in my opinion, are really good if you want a scare or if you’re just seeking a psychological thriller. It is easy for someone to ruin the movie plot for you, so I advise not to ask anyone about it. Keep reading for 25 Halloween movies you need to watch to get into the season. Then grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready for the best night of your life.

Viewer Discretion Advised

1. The Conjuring Series

2. The Saw Series

3. Friday the 13th Series

4. The Descent

5. Human Centipede



6. The Exorcist Series

7. The Orphanage

8. Jeepers Creepers series

9. The Ring (Japanese version)

10. Sinister (First one only)

11. Scream

12. A Nightmare on Elm Street

13. Halloween

14. Psycho

15. Night of the Living Dead



16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

17. The Shining

18. The Grudge series (Japanese version)

19. Exorcism of Emily Rose

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20. Hellraiser series

21. Drive Thru

22. Dead Silence

23. One Missed Call (Japanese version)

24. Case 39

25. Silence of the Lambs


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