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Halloween Makeup Looks That Require Minimal Effort

Halloween Makeup Looks That Require Minimal Effort

There will always be a year or an event where we scramble last minute to assemble a recognizable Halloween costume from clothing items we find in our home. Instead of focusing on a last-minute costume, opt for an effective Halloween makeup look. With more accessible and attainable Halloween makeup looks, your costume will automatically be 85% cosmetic and appear effortless. The best costumes are about small details that allow people to understand the look you’re going for and less about the complicated makeshift attire you felt forced to work with. With that being said, here are Halloween makeup looks that require minimal effort!

The Lion King’s Scar

A cute or sexy cat look has always worked for people on Halloween, but what if we stepped it up a notch this year? A bigger cat in size and familiarity is Scar from Disney’s The Lion King. Trust me when I say pulling off a Scar look is easier than you think. It requires your average cat look with black paint over the top lip, a line across the Cupid’s bow, and a black cat snout. Make sure to deepen and overexaggerate the outer corners of your eyes with black eyeliner when you’re doing your cat-eye look. Throw in some long lashes too! Lastly, arch your eyebrows with a brush and brow makeup and create the infamous scar the character is known for and you’re good to go! You can do additional creative touches to make this look more realistic with what you have, but just know that these simple steps will do wonders. 


Harley Quinn

You can’t ever go out on Halloween and not see a Harley Quinn costume. It’s virtually impossible. This is mostly due to the look being extremely undemanding when it comes to Halloween makeup details. In addition to her costume and hair, Harley Quinn is infamous when it comes to her blue and red eyeshadow, pale face, red lips, and the unforgettable heart and “rotten” tattoos on her face. The DC supervillain’s look is sometimes altered or tweaked, but these makeup elements will continue to remain dead giveaways of the Harley Quinn we all know and love. 

An Extremely Goofy Movie’s Beret Girl

Beret Girl was a whole inner mood in the cartoon flick An Extremely Goofy Movie. Whether she was your first crush or you fell in love with her look, Beret Girl always stood out with her simple style, making it easy to transform and become the character on Halloween. Aside from a black beret and a black outfit, all it takes is purple eyeshadow, a dog snout, and red lipstick to become the sexy and deep poet. Throw on some green contacts and you’re officially Beret Girl. Just be prepared to have folks lined up and pointing the minute they spot you.


Maddy Perez Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Maybe you don’t have an HBO account or you haven’t had the chance to watch the show Euphoria. One thing is for sure though. You’ve seen a lot of rhinestone and bedazzling eye makeup in the last year or so; eye makeup looks inspired by the American teen drama series and, moreover, by the character Maddy Perez played by Alexa Demie. These rhinestone and eyeshadow look–alongside “euphoric” makeup and jewelry pairings–will have you looking cool, current, and casual this Halloween. Minimal Halloween makeup that means so much and reminiscent of the contemporary culture we’re living in. 


Comic Book Look

If you’re tired of the Harley Quinn look but still want to do comic book makeup, then feel free to just do a comic book look. This basic Halloween makeup truly needs no expertise and only requires black paint/eyeliner to make distinct cartoon sketch lines, red lipstick, and white paint for any tinting of the lips. You can further outline parts of your face to be as realistic as you can and copy a comic book style of your choice. What’s clear is that this clever makeup trick will have you recognizable and is super low-priced. 

An E-Girl

With the resurgence of 2000s fashion, anime, the hyper popularity of K-pop and Hip Hop, and the continuous rise of the aesthetic niches found on social media since the 2010s, the e-girl was born. “Electronic” or e-girls are dominating the internet with their styles and fashion throughout apps like TikTok and Instagram. With the many fashion aesthetics that are associated with the look, there are a few beauty characteristics that are known to make an e-girl. This includes faux freckles, heavy blush, thick winged eyeliner, glossy lips, a highlighted nose, and cutesy face tattoos–like little black hearts below the eyes and Hello Kitty art. This look is super simple to do and definitely of our time, so try it out!


See Also

Pennywise/Creepy Clown Makeup

Thanks to the film It, creepy clown makeup is a go-to look anyone can attempt and master on Halloween. This makeup look incorporates the notorious red clown nose and devilish squiggly line design from the mouth and to the forehead. As long as you have red paint, red lipstick, and/or red eyeshadow and eyeliner, this Halloween makeup is already successful. 


Deer Makeup

If you’re tired of being a cat, why not go as a deer? Brown and black strokes around the eye region and nose, and light nude spots and contour on the forehead and cheeks is all you need to become this cute baby animal. 


Harry Potter

This is probably the easiest Halloween makeup look to recreate. Harry Potter is one of the most known fictional characters to have ever been written, with his key defining features being his lightning bolt scar and round eyeglasses. This coupling will instantly connect with others that you’re the most famous wizard of them all, and it didn’t take a grueling amount of time to become him. Add a black robe, a Gryffindor looking tie, and a wand and you’re good to go!

These are several Halloween makeup looks that require minimal effort. What Halloween makeup look(s) did you like on this list? Which ones would you try and what would you add? Tell us your answers in the comments below!