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8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

Halloween Games, 8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

Food, Music, and Decorations are among the several parts that need to be awesome in order to have a killer Halloween Party! Another important thing that you can add to the list is Halloween Games. The entertainment at one’s party (regardless of the occasion) has to be great or else the party ends up being boring and dull. In order to have a fantastic Halloween Bash, here are 8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party!

1. Trick-or-Treat Jello Shots:

One of many adult Halloween Games, Trick-or-Treat Shots will add more buzz to your bash. Ahead of the party, make a couple trays of jello shots with and without alcohol. It is more fun to use serve multiple flavors of jello for the jello shots. Jello Flavors include cherry, lime, strawberry, and orange, to name a few.

The “Trick” jello shots are the ones without the alcohol and The “Treat” jello shots are the ones with alcohol. When guests, arrive, hand them random jello shots so they will be surprised if they taste the booze straight away or not. Make sure to give everyone a few tricks and a lot of treats! Be sure to leave extra jello shots where the rest of the food is so guests can enjoy them throughout the rest of the night. 

8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

2. Halloween Feel Box:

This game is a classic amongst Halloween Party Games and you absolutely have to include it at any Halloween Party to give your guests a creepy, spooky Halloween experience. Have a couple of boxes filled, each with different everyday items such as peeled grapes, spaghetti noodles, pudding, and raisins, to name a few. Your guests will be delightfully creeped out as they feel each of these items. Feel Boxes are Halloween Games that will definitely get your guests squealing!

8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

3. Halloween Charades:

This is one of the more creative Halloween Games ideas ever as it is a popular game with a Halloween twist added to it. Be sure to include Halloween phrases and movie titles while putting together the words list. Make the game even spookier by adding some slips of paper in the words list bowl with instructions to scare someone else playing the game a certain way.

8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

4. “Eyeball” Beer Pong:

This is another one of the classic games that be turned into Halloween Games. The only difference between regular beer pong and “Eyeball” Beer Pong is simply that the ping pong balls for the Halloween version of the game have eyes drawn with a sharpie on them. Make sure, to give the eyes details, like red and blue veins, to make them look scary. If you really want to get into the Halloween spirit, fill the cups with spiked red Halloween punch instead of beer. This will make your guests want to play the game even more if they get to sip something more refreshing compared to beer. 

8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

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5. Doughnuts on a String:

One of the most fun Halloween Games ever involves doughnuts with holes in them, string, and any long stick. The main objective of this game is to be the first person to finish eating the dangling treat without the use of your hands. While setting up everything for the game, make sure that there is enough space so each person has room to kneel or stand underneath the doughnuts. One of the best parts of playing Doughnuts on a String is that it is one of many Halloween Games that involves eating some sweet treats. Who doesn’t love desserts and/or sugary food items? Doughnuts on a String is also, one of the messiest Halloween Games but it is worth playing at your next Halloween Party. Everyone will be having a sweet time while taking part in this activity. 

8 Halloween Games You Need At Your Party

6. Halloween Questions:

This is another one of the great Halloween Games to play at your Halloween party as it is an organized version of the popular game “Truth or Dare”. This version of “Truth or Dare” has your guests answering questions about their past Halloween experiences. Good questions include: have you ever been so scared that you peed your pants? did you ever each so much candy that you vomited? Some dares might include having a guest play ring-and-run on your next-door neighbor. A small group is best for this game. If you have a lot of guests, create small groups in order to have the most fun and get the best answers possible.

7. Bobbing for Alcohol:

Bobbing for apples is one of the typical Halloween Games for parties but bobbing for alcohol is the adult version of the game. The only supplies needed for bobbing for alcohol are a big beverage bucket filled with water and mini bottles of alcohol (like the size of the ones you find at the airport). If possible, try and find plastic bottles as the glass bottles can be fragile. Add apples into the beverage bucket as well if you want to make the game more fun and challenging. 

8. Guess The Villain:

When guests arrive at the party, tape a notecard with the name of famous villains onto their backs so they can’t see it. The main objective of this game is that each guest tries to find out which villain’s name is on their back by asking questions to other guests in order to figure it out. The questions asked need to be yes/no questions only, like, “Am I a female” ‘Am I living”. Make the game challenging by limiting the number of questions each guest can ask. Traditionally, the number of questions one can ask is capped at 20. This game gets everyone involved and, as the night goes on, it becomes a lot of fun to watch your guests fumbling for clues and answers.

If you plan on hosting a Halloween Party this year, which of these Halloween Games will you have at your bash? Let us know which ones in the comments section below!

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