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10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

Halloween decorations don’t just have to be outside the house to scare those trick and treaters, we can make your house spookier as well. None of these suggestions are overpriced or hard to do which makes them great for your holiday celebration. So get your friends round to give them a spook as they find each decoration around the house.

1. Fish Tank Decor

If you’ve got a fish tank then start your decorating here, you can give your fish some more entertainment while also giving yourself a scare. The creepy little guy below is a great option for adding into the fish tank if you really want to be scary, but skulls work just as well. And you can get skulls from nearly anywhere at a cheap price. The best part is the water surrounding him will distort the image slightly and, with the light in the tank, you’ll have yourself a very spooky tank.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

2. Hand Plant Pots

Who wants boring old plant pots with actual plants in them or cacti?! Step up the game and get yourself some hand plant pots. They’ve definitely got the creepy factor, but they could actually be quite useful and practical decorations as well holding stuff. Why not use them as a jewelry stand, hang your rings on them or necklaces? Or you could get mechanical ones that grab at you or your guests when you try to touch them if you want scary rather than spooky.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

3. Bats and Spiders

Halloween is the time of the bats, so why not decorate your walls or ceilings with these creatures to make your room that much spookier. The great thing about these is they are handmade, all you need is a pile of black paper and some scissors and you’ve got yourself a load of bats for the wall. If you prefer the idea of having spiders over bats then you can get a pack off amazon and stick them to walls leading to your TV or your door handle. Or use Harry Potter as your inspiration and have them leading to your window.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

4. Welcoming Snakes

Nothing says welcome more than a pile of snakes. This is a great addition is this to your home to add that extra bit of spookiness before you’ve even entered. Of course, it’s going to feel a bit strange stepping on the matt and feeling a load of snakes beneath you but the effect is great. Definitely creepy. You could even nail a few to be above the door so that when you are leaving you to get hit by one and hopefully get a scream from someone.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

5. Poison bottles

A more classic Halloween decoration, bringing in the poison bottles that you’d see at a witch’s lair. Your imagination can go wild with these bottles at what you put on the labels, and you can get many different types of the set on Amazon. Whether you want bat blood and spider legs like in the ones below or fish eyes. You could even get empty bottles and fill them with your own concoctions, how great would it be to pour your drinks out of a bottle that says arsenic poison, your guests would get a bit worried.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

6. Pillows

An obvious decoration for the house, but one that could get very fun. You could go for quirky and cute with a simple skull pillow or Frankenstein, or if you want to be very spooky then a pillow like this below is great. The 3D effect of the hand coming out is amazing, there are others that include a face bursting out the pillow. It just depends on the style you want to go with for your house, check out Etsy to find the pillows that you love.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

7. Scratch Post

Why should we get all the enjoyment from the decorations, we should let our animals get involved too! This scratch post for your kitty is just amazing, the wicker it’s made from gives it that mummy look while also making it look creepy as hell. I mean look at how happy that kitty is on his wicker dog!

Of course, cats shouldn’t be the ones who get all the fun, there are plenty of decorations for your dogs or any animal if you look around. There are severed limbs that are actually squeaky toys that you could give your dog to run around with, when people see him with it they’ll get spooked out for sure.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

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8. Spider Ice Cubes

Create amazing spooky drinks by freezing these little spiders into your ice cubes, it’ll encourage you to drink your drinks faster so you aren’t faced with the free spiders. They are perfect for parties and even better in cocktails that are red, like fake blood. So get your rosé out or get making some cocktails and get your drink on!

(I should probably just add on you should drink responsibly with your spider ice cubes)

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

9. Mirror Ghosts

I find this Halloween decoration particularly spooky, so if you are of the faint of heart with bad memory then you probably shouldn’t add this decoration to your house. Chances are you’ll wake up and forget you’ve added them to your mirror and scream at the ghostly sight of them. But how great are they as an addition! You could them to your guest bathroom mirror so that those you have round are faced with these faces when they look up. Mark of a good host is to scare your guests out of their senses.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

10. Branch Chandelier

Adding a branch chandelier to your room is a beautiful and spooky decoration, especially when you turn the light on and create shadows around your room like this. Even when the light is switched off it still looks great and you can appreciate it for its intricacy. Although, it’s probably best not to put it in a room where light is sorely needed as the shadows will probably get in the way. Or have other lamps in the room to make up for it like below.

10 Halloween Decorations To Make Your Home Spookier

There we have it, 10 Halloween decorations that will spook your house up and have any guests you have round creeped out. But please use them wisely, don’t give anyone a heart attack when they see ghosts in the mirror. Other than that, enjoy the Halloween season! Comment below your best Halloween decoration that never fails to spook everyone when they see it.

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