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Halloween Decor Ideas On A Budget

Halloween Decor Ideas On A Budget

These Halloween decor ideas are great for anyone on a budget! They'll have your place looking spooky and creative this October!

The month of October has just started, meaning everyone is slowly getting into the Halloween spirit again with Halloween decor. Decorating for Halloween has always been one of my favourite things to get to; not only is it fun and gives a chance to be creative it also indicates that Christmas is only two months away!

However, if you’re a student like me, you know that it might be quite a challenge to make your apartment look amazing whilst still be able to have some food in the fridge. This is why I created this list of ideas on how to decorate your flat whilst being on a budget! Most of the things you can get from Poundland making it super affordable!

1. Pumpkins

Nothing says more ‘It’s Halloween time’ than pumpkins, so if you want to get your apartment ready for the season you need at least one. Buying a fresh pumpkin and carving in it is super fun, but if you’re on a budget it might seem like a waste of money because after some time you will need to get rid of it if you don’t want your flat to smell bad. That’s why buying a plastic light up pumpkin is the perfect solution. Not only is it cheap, but will serve you for years to come!


2. Stickers

The next Halloween décor idea perfect for anyone on a budget are stickers. You can put them anywhere you fancy, giving you a lot of creativity for a small price. The variety of stickers you can buy will help you decorate your space in a unique way. Stick spiders on the walls and floors, bats on your windows, scary faces on the mirrors – the sky is your limit!

3. Skulls

Skulls are a great Halloween decoration you can place anywhere in your apartment. The basic kind you can get for really cheap anywhere around this time of year. If you like how they look you can leave them like without any changes. However, if you want to give them your unique taste, there’s so much you can do! You could, for example, stick some fake flowers to them, or leaves found outside, or just paint something if you have the required skills!

4. DIY candle in a bottle

Setting the mood for Halloween will never be completed without some candles. However, the themed ones are usually on the pricey side and the plain ones just don’t seem to fit into the aura. You can easily fix that. If you have any champagne or wine bottles left after a party, pain them black and stick some tall candles inside them. When they burn they will drip on down the sides making the bottle look amazing and scary, especially if you use a red candle.

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5. DIY spider webs

I remember this specific décor idea from high school when we were decorating the corridors. This idea is probably one of the most affordable ones, you just need some black paper, scissors and a little bit of patience. All you need to do is cut a spider web-like shape and stick it in the corner of the room!

6. DIY spooky doormat

Buying a themed Halloween doormat might be too much for a student budget, however, having one is a great decoration for any flat. The solution to that is quite simple – just buy a simple brown one from places like Poundland and just get creative. You can paint anything on it: spiders, bats, ghosts; or you could write something spooky.


7. Candy jar

This will not only serve as a decoration for your flat, but you’ll also like it for the practical aspect – now you have a perfect storage for your candy! A plain jar is really cheap, but you could also reuse one if you already have it. Then just pour some Halloween themed candy and enjoy! This is one of the best Halloween decor ideas!

How are you planning to decorate your flat for Halloween? What are your Halloween decor ideas? Let me know if you use any of these Halloween decor ideas!
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