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12 Halloween Costumes You Need To Try In 2020

Halloween 2020 might be a little uncertain, but whether you’re just hanging out with your roommates or having a zoom costume party, it’s always fun to get dressed up. Here are 12 Halloween costumes to try in 2020.

1. Elle Woods

Elle Woods is an iconic movie character, famous for her intelligence as well as her pink outfits. This is a great costume because her character is so iconic, and you can choose from multiple outfits she wears in the film. This is a really fun costume to wear, and is also relatively easy. This is also a great conversation starter, and will be a super fun costume. This costume is a great pop culture reference, and perfect if you want to branch out from more traditional costumes.

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2. Space Cowboy

A space cowboy is a super fun costume, and is perfect if you like to get creative. This can be a fashionable and unique costume, and is a lot of fun to put together. This is the perfect costume if you have something metallic you want to wear, or just have a cowboy hat you’ve been dying to wear. You can also add some glitter to your look, and you are ready to make a statement. This costume is perfect if you love fashion and want to be able to make a chic statement with your look.

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3. The Spice Girls

If you want to do a group costume, the spice girls is a classic girl group that is perfect to dress up as. You can each pick your favorite member, and their iconic outfits and styles are super fun to replicate. This is great if you want to do something with your friends, and is a lot of fun to pick your favorite Spice Girl. The Spice Girls also have effortless cool girl style, and your costumes will not only be a fun pop culture reference but incredibly fashionable.

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4. Euphoria’s Maddy

Euphoria was a show that almost everyone was obsessed with, and made a major pop culture impact. One of Maddy’s most iconic outfits is her daring matching set, and this makes a great halloween costume. This is super bold, but also a great reference to Euphoria. This is perfect if you want to try something different than typical halloween costumes, and is really fun.

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5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a classic costume that is great if your are a super hero or comic book fan. This is another great costume based off of a super inspiring character, and is a lot of fun to dress up as. This is also a super fun costume that is cute and fashionable. Wonder Woman is a character that almost every girl looked up to at some point, so it can be really fun to dress up as this iconic character. This is also fitting considering the semi recent movies released surrounding the character.

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6. Britney Spears

Everyone loves Britney Spears, and the iconic pop singer is the perfect inspiration for a chic halloween costume. Britney Spears has so many iconic looks you can copy, and is always a great conversation starter. Britney’s looks are also always super cute, so you will definitely make a statement. Britney Spears is always a cultural icon, and everyone will love your costume as much as they love the pop singer herself.

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7. 80’s Sports Trainer

This is another really great costume that is super fun and creative. This is also perfect if you want something comfortable and easy to move around in. This costume is great if you love bright colors and want to make a bold statement. This is a really great costume because it is so fun and bright, which is perfect if you want to standout.

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8. Devil

A devil is a classic Halloween costume for a reason. This costume is simple and embraces the nature of the holiday. This is perfect if you like to go as something more classic, and want something that has a spooky element. This is also a really chic and fashionable costume, and you will love your look. This is perfect if you just want something simple and cute, and you can never go wrong with a devil costume.

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9.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is a classic movie, and Audrey Hepburn’s character is about as iconic as it gets. This costume is super elegant, and perfect if you want to live out a dream of living in New York in the 1960’s, all while being impossibly chic. This is a super fun costume, and the character is instantly recognizable by almost everyone.

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10. Witch

A Witch is another super classic Halloween costume that is perfect if you want to stick to something traditionally in the Halloween spirit. This is always a great costume, and is super fun to dress up as something so outlandish. This is great if you love the spooky Halloween vibe, or are just a history buff that will seize any opportunity to talk about the Salem Witch Trials.

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11. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the iconic actress from the 1950s and 1960s that was known for her elegance and style. Marilyn Monroe is great if you love a vintage style, and want something really elegant. This look is so classic, and you can add some winged eyeliner with a red lip to complete it. Overall this is a great costume if you love 50s style, or love old films. This is such an elegant and classic look you won’t regret wearing it.

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12. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is a super cute and fun costume that is great for halloween. Tinkerbell is a classic character that everyone will recognize, but is also not a costume that everyone will be wearing. This is also perfect if you love green and want to wear something that is lighthearted. Tinkerbell is a super whimsical costume that is perfect for a cute look.

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What do you think about these Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments!

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