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10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

These Halloween costumes are ones that you should steer clear from this spooky holiday season. Trust us, there are more creative ideas.

Halloween is quickly approaching and picking the perfect costumes to rage in all weekend can be a pretty daunting task. A great costume needs to be just the right amount of sexy or the right amount of funny but there is a fine line between being funny or cute and being basic, crude, or just downright offensive. 2018 brings a new list of social, racial, and sexual identities to misappropriate this season as well as Halloween costumes that get more and more basic as the years progress so here is are the top 10 Halloween costumes that you should probably avoid this holiday season to prevent you from being that asshole:

1. A Playboy bunny

A Playboy has to be, hands down, the most overused costume idea in the history of Halloween. It may be simple but it also signals little to no effort and a lack of creativity. And don’t recruit you one guy friend to slap on a robe and call himself Hugh Hefner

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

2. Cleopatra or any other Egyptian royalty

News flash people- Egypt is in Africa therefore, Cleopatra (an ancient Egyptian) was not white. It probably isn’t a good idea to impersonate any kind of oppressed group of people for Halloween.

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

3. A patient in a mental asylum

2018 has been a year all for normalizing and destigmatizing mental health issues but that by no means encourages dressing up as asylum patients with straight jackets. Mental health is a serious issue that should not be exploited for a “cool” Halloween costume.

4. A sexy cop

If you dress as a sexy cop for halloween, you can bet your ass that there will be at least 10 other people dressed just like you at that party you plan on going to. Just be prepared to see the entire police force on Halloween night.

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

5. A meme

You can opt for a funny costume but please, please, please avoid dressing as a meme. At this point, it’s not funny anymore (just a little lame). In addition, odds are, that meme that you have lined up is probably overplayed and past its prime anyways.

6. A Native American

Yeah, we should probably avoid any group of people who was mass murdered, denied basic rights, enslaved, and died off from incurable venereal diseases brought over by Europeans in the 15th/16th centuries.

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

7. A terrorist

Dressing up as a terrorist for Halloween is absolutely not funny, nor a smart idea. It can be triggering for some, and hard to distinguish a costume from someone who actually poses a threat to national security.

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8. A sexy schoolgirl

The sexualization of children and minors is just weird. Halloween should not be a time to condone of the weird fetishization for Catholic schoolgirls.

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

9. A anyone who has died in a horrible tragedy

This includes recently deceased celebrities, victims of murders, victims of terrorist attacks, or terrorist events themselves. Please have at least a little respect for the dead.

10. Blackface

This should go without saying but maybe if it is mentioned enough, it will eventually stop being used as a Halloween costume for 100% of people living on Earth.

10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid

What Halloween costumes do you think people should avoid? Let us know in the comments!
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