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The 30 Halloween Costumes That Will Rack Up Major Instagram Likes

The 30 Halloween Costumes That Will Rack Up Major Instagram Likes

Picking different Halloween costumes every year is hard. Especially when you know you’ll be seeing all your friends’ amazing costumes on Instagram. Well, this list of Halloween costumes might help you choose this year’s Halloween costume.

1. Lego Person

Everyone loves lego and this costume is the perfect way to show it. It’s not only a crowd-pleaser, but it’s also very impressive. Instructables member Kaged Konbat made himself into a LEGO Minifig. The head is a concrete form (tube) with mesh over the facial features. One thing is for sure if you choose this costume for Halloween – it’s going to be one of the most impressive Halloween Costumes at the party.

2. Bender

Perfect Halloween costume for Futurama lovers. This is definitely one of the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.


3. Transformer

Not just any transformer. This Optimus Prime costume is amazing! Not only that, but it was made using only cardboard, duct tape, and hot glue. It was also supposedly comfortable enough to dance in. Imagine doing the robot in this costume!

4. Sputnik

If you want to include your dog in Halloween celebrations, you can include it in your costume by recreating this Sputnik 2 costume. The creator of the costume took their dog Laika aboard and they are ready for the countdown. You can see more of the costume here.

5. Iron man with a twist

The only thing better than an Iron Man costume is a steampunk Iron Man costume. Learn more about this award-winning costume here (it won the Comic-Con Marvel costume contest in 2010).


6. Mad Max

These Halloween costumes are not only really easy to recreate, but they also look fabulous. Some makeup and props can go a long way. It can also be a great DIY project to try out.

7. The Incredibles

With two films already released, The Incredibles will be a great pick for Halloween costumes for the whole family. As you can see, this family is rocking the look and they are sure to get a lot of Instagram likes.

8. Lilo and Stitch

Who doesn’t love Lilo and Stitch? It’s one of the most favorite and recognizable animated films. It also provides for great Halloween costumes. Such as this one of Lilo (with a stuffed Stitch). This is not only a very good looking costume, but it’s also really easy to recreate.


9. Deadpool

The two Deadpool movies are hits! They are awesome! A Deadpool costume is not only going to be widely recognized and liked, but it also looks good on everyone. You can also combine with your friends and have them be other characters from the Deadpool movie/comic. Or you can just all go as Deadpool.

10. Adams Family

This is one of the classic Halloween costumes that never go out of style.  There are plenty of characters to choose from and each one is unique. There’s lot’s to love about this odd family, but one thing is certain – an Adams Family picture is guaranteed to get you Instagram likes.

11. The Office

This is not one of your traditional Halloween costumes, but it will be a fun outfit for fans of the office. And it’s a great conversation starter if you are going to a Halloween party with people you don’t know very well. You’ll attract the right kind of people.


12. Nightmare Before Christmas

Another set of classic Halloween costumes. This family is doing Halloween right, their costumes are stunning! You get the whole set of interesting characters from Nightmare Before Christmas done in a very creative way. Don’t just take the brief – make it your own.

13. Taco Belle

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Puns have been making a lot of appearances in Halloween costumes, but few manage to create something as cool as Taco Belle. You don’t have to use Taco Belle per se though, make something of your own. Why not try Pizza Hut and do Jaba the Hut in a pizza box?

14. Pennywise

IT is one of the biggest horror films out there. And Pennywise is one of those classic Halloween costumes you just can’t escape. It may be one of the more predictable ones, but done correctly, it will generate a lot of likes. Just check out this interpretation.


15. Maleficent

An iconic villain, Maleficent can be an amazing Halloween costume. Those horns are just something else. There are many versions. You can DIY it, you can order it online, you can do half and half. Check out this costume

16. Jack Skellington

Maybe we are going back to Nightmare Before Christmas but this character deserves their own paragraph. There are many interpretations and you will find great ones on Instagram, just check this one out. Wow!

17. Plague Mask

This Microbiology teacher wore a plague mask for Halloween and it looks super cool. Plague doctors used to wear these masks when treating victims of the bubonic plague. They are very eerie and especially so when you think about their history.


18. Ratatouille

Check out this awesome Ratatouille Halloween costume. It’s one of the most adorable Halloween costumes I’ve seen! If you thought rats were cute in Ratatouille, wait till you see a baby dressed in a rat onesie.

19. Aliens Power Loader

This is one of the most incredible Halloween costumes! Just wow! Speechless!

20. The Royal Baby

If you are looking for a funny costume, this might be the right fit for you. It could also inspire you to try something similar. Whatever the case, I’m sure this Halloween costume would be a hit.

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21. Jellyfish

If you thought jellyfish are impressive, wait till you see them made into a Halloween costume. This Jellyfish costume combines cute and cool in the best way possible.

22. Stick Figure

This is such a cool costume and it’s one of the easiest to make. You literally just need some black tape (marker or paint) and some cardboard. Simple and effective! It’s great for all ages.


23. Sims

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costumes idea. Why not be a Sims character for Halloween. This is easy to recreate, but also super fun and people will admire your creativity (little do they know, you just didn’t have time for anything else).

24. Corn Dog

You shouldn’t have all the fun at Halloween! If you are not into the idea of designing a spaceship for your dog (or maybe you don’t have the skills just yet), then maybe this corn dog outfit is the perfect fit. Hot dog costumes are out and corn dog costumes are in.

25. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a source for many great Halloween costumes. Just check this one out, wow! They are often simple enough to recreate and they are recognized by many people. And you’ll probably get to discuss American Horror Story with people all night. What was your favorite season?


26. Fake News

As mentioned before, Halloween costumes and puns often go together. What do you think about this one? Pretty cool way of representing news as a skirt from newspapers.

27. Edna Mode

We already talked about The Incredibles family. One of the best characters from the series wasn’t in the mix though, and she would make a great Halloween costume. Everyone loves Edna Mode! Why not try and be her for Halloween. Not that you ever could, I mean, she’s one of a kind.

28. Medusa

Classic Greek Mythology produces some great Halloween costumes. If you are not feeling Poseidon, why not try Medusa. Get it, cause Medusa fell in love with Poseidon and so Athena cursed her. No? Alright, here’s the myth. Whether you know the full story or not, Medusa will make a great costume!


29. Ursula

Classic Disney Villain. Ursula is probably one of the most beloved Disney villains. Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Ursula is a great choice for a Halloween costume. Check this one out!

30. Fairy Godmother from Shrek

Another beloved villain, probably due to the awesome songs she produces. And her relatable love of fast food! I’ll have the Medieval meal. Check out this gorgeous Fairy Godmother costume.

What are your favorite Halloween costumes? Share in the comments.

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