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14 Halloween Costumes For Friends Who Can’t Agree On What To Wear

14 Halloween Costumes For Friends Who Can’t Agree On What To Wear

14 Halloween Costumes For Friends Who Can’t Agree On What To Wear

Agreeing on a Halloween costume for friends can be hard, especially since buying different costumes can get expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of options that you and your friends can agree on, and you can construct the costumes with items you already own! Here are 14 Halloween costumes for friends you should try this year!

1. White Claws

If you have metallic silver bottoms and a white top, this will be an easy Halloween costume for friends to achieve. All you need is to print out a White Claw or any spiked seltzer or drink of your choice, and hang it around your neck or tape it to your shirt. Throw on some glitter and decide which flavor you guys want to be. It is simple and easy, and you can dress it up any way you want with glitter or the color White Claw you chose. If you really want to spice it up, you can be a Yee Claw, where you put the symbol on a sparkled cowboy hat and add a bandana!

2. Spice Girls

Being the Spice Girls is such an easy idea for those of you who want to wear normal clothes, but don’t all want to match identically. Depending on how you want to decide which Spice Girl is which in your friend group, you can pick the Spice Girl whose style matches yours most similarly. For example, if you decide you’re Posh Spice, then you just need a little black bob wig and black dress. I was Baby Spice, so I got a candy pink dress and wore pig tails. You can order fake microphones and headsets on Amazon and there you have a cheap way to all be the Spice Girls for your Halloween costume.


3. 70s Babes

Out of all the Halloween costumes for friends on this list, this costume is super easy to put together because you probably have most of the things you need in your closet! The 70s were filled with bell bottom pants, flower crowns, round sunglasses, and of course, LOTS of tie dye! You can each wear something different but still look coordinated; this group costume is perfect for all of you last-minute planners.

4. Space Cowgirls

Ever heard of the song “Space Cowboy” by Kacey Musgraves? This costume is a spin on that! Dress like aliens by wearing shiny metallic clothes, skirts with tassels and sequins, and anything and everything reflective. On this list of Halloween costumes for friends, you can buy basically everything you need from Amazon prime for SUPER cheap! Top it off with a pink light-up cowboy hat, which you can also purchase from Amazon!

5. Britney Spears

You and your friends can pick your favorite Britney looks and recreate them for a cool, diverse costume lineup. One of you can get the famous school girl outfit, another can wear a full denim fit á la Justin and Britney, or really any of her iconic outfits. That way, you can all be Britney Spears but don’t need to have the exact same outfits on. Matching completely can be stressful, so when you choose an era of hers, everyone will be happy!


6. Vampire

This is the easiest costume in the book if you want to do the absolute bare minimum for a Halloween costume. All you need is fake blood, and you have your costume. You can wear all black and just drip some blood down your face or neck, and there you have it: you’re a vampire. There is so much creative freedom here, and it’s good for people who are in a time crunch and need a costume fast.

7. Ninja

I’ve seen a lot of super cute ninja costumes lately on girls, and now that masks are encouraged this can be perfect. Wear black leggings with a strappy black top, a black face mask or bandana, and tie red ribbons around your waist and up your arms and legs. It’s super easy to accomplish, and all you will probably need is the red fabric to tie up your body. But, it’s a hot Halloween costume that won’t stress you out too much.

8. Cats

Since leopard print has made a comeback into fashion, you should have no trouble agreeing to be cats. All you guys need is a leopard print item of clothing, shirt or pants, and some cat ears. You can do some cheetah spots on your face, or just draw on whiskers and you have an outfit. Although this is the most basic of all costumes, you all can individualize the look with whatever you want, making it a great Halloween costume for those who can’t agree.


9. Devil/Angel

Being a devil or an angel is a simple Halloween costume that can be thrown together in seconds if you have the proper horns or halo. Wear all white and throw on a halo and you have the basic angel costume. The same goes with being a devil, just wear a red outfit with the horns. There are obviously ways to spice it up, like adding glitter, fishnets, wings, etc. But, if you don’t want to spend any extra money on the whole nine yards, people will still get the message if you’re wearing the right color and head piece.

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10. Guy Fieri

If you have a sense of humor, then this is one of the Halloween costumes for friends that you need to try this year! Guy Fieri is easily recognizable by his ridiculously bold patterned shirts (specifically the black one with the flames, as shown below), and of course, his iconic bleach blonde spikey hair. All you need for this costume is one of those button up shirts and a wig, which you can purchase from any Halloween costume store or from Amazon!


11. Cheetah Girls

Since the Cheetah Girls are known for velour tracksuits and thick headbands, these costumes are relatively simple to recreate. If you were already the Spice Girls, you have the head mics that these Cheetah sisters would wear. Each of you designates a color tracksuit and throw on a pair of Air Force One’s or white sneakers, and you have an easy Halloween costume.

12. Frat Boys

For Halloween costumes for friends, this one is perfect if you’re in college and have friends who are in frats. Poke fun at them by dressing up as them! You don’t even need to buy anything for this costume; just ask your guy friends if you can borrow some of heir clothes! Pair your borrowed outfit with a backwards baseball cap, some tall Nike socks, and Sperry’s. Carry around a red solo cup or a beer can all night to add to the costume even more!

13. Risky Business

One of the old classics may be good for those who can’t agree on what to wear. A pair of boxers, some socks, sunglasses and an oversized white button up shirt is all you need. You can borrow the shirt from a boy you know, boxers are never that expensive and you most likely have a pair of sunglasses sitting around for this Halloween costume. You can all wear different boxers to individualize it, and it is easy for you to access all of these items.


14. Mummy

If you and your friends have white shorts, a white dress, or a white tank and skirt, this Halloween costume will be a piece of cake. Just wrap yourselves in toilet paper or even white crepe paper, secure it on your body, and you’re a mummy. You don’t need to buy anything for this outfit, which is the most perfect part about it. It also will take you all about 10 minutes to wrap yourselves and then you can just walk out the door, ready for the night.

Halloween costumes for friends can be overwhelming if you all can’t agree on what to wear, but these are super simple options for everyone. Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

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