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17 Halloween Costumes For Couples To Match In

Spooky season is upon us which means it is finally time for candy, scary movies, and PSLs! You probably have an upcoming costume party to go to this time of year and you and your SO are wondering what to go as. Here are 17 Halloween costumes that you and your SO can match in!

1. Alien and Astronaut

This costume might be more fun for you than your SO, but it is super easy! Start with your brightest clothes and top it all of with glitter and some booties. Your partner can sport a NASA short or something space-themed to really catch the vibe!

2. Chip and Joanna Gaines

Your favorite HGTV couple has just come to life! This Halloween costume is by far the easiest because it is everything you have in your closet already. Bonus points to the two of you if you have Magnolia shirts to show your love for Waco and shiplap.

3. Bonnie and Clyde

Maybe you are your partner are looking for a little danger in your Halloween costumes this year…so channel your inner Bonnie and Clyde with this idea! You will need some throwback pieces to really convey your dynamic duo, but you will be the best dressed at the party!

4. Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive

Your favorite insurance characters are coming to life this Halloween! Start practicing your insurance quotes and pull out your khakis for this costume. You might just win the funniest and the best costume at the party with this get-up!

5. Velma and Shaggy

Like, yikes, Scoob, this is the best costume yet! Everyone will know exactly who you are as soon as you walk in with this great costume! If you are feeling extra, totally throw your dog into this costume and call them Scooby for the night!

6. Danny and Sandy from Grease

You’re the one that I want! This super simple costume can be made with just black shirts and black skinny jeans, but yet, everyone will know where this couple came from! Tease up your hair and lather on the hair gel on your partner to jump back to the 50s and to this movie.

7. Barbie and Ken

This is probably the best couple out of all of these on this list! A cultural icon and just so pretty in pink, we know that the blondest of couples will have this one nailed down. All you need is just your normal clothes and a few accessories to pull this costume off!

8. Mermaid and a Sailor

These Halloween costumes will be fun to bring out all of the nautical vibes. You will finally get the chance to play with your beach waver and wear that bikini top in October! All your SO needs is a sailor’s hat and the rest is up to you!

9. Gardener and a Flower

As you and your SO grow closer together, channel the same energy into your Halloween costumes! Choose your flower of choice and go all out to show how great of care your gardener is taking of you! Put a simple farming hat on your partner with a shovel to complete their look!

10. Mario and Princess Peach

For our video game lovers, this one is perfect for you! Pretty in pink for you and a simple red tee and hat for your partner and you are good to either play games or go to your Halloween party! Get the rest of your crew in on the fun and assign them game characters to go to your Mario and Princess Peach.

11. Charlie Brown and Lucy

A classic couple that is one of our faves has to be Charlie Brown and Lucy. This is another great costume option if you are in a time crunch as this can be made with a quick trip to the craft store. You can accessorize this costume with a dog to play Snoopy or a football just like Lucy always had to play tricks on CB!

12. Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat

We think that this one will make for some pretty cute Instagram pics! All you need is a yellow outfit for your partner and your best monkey costume for yourself! In true Curious George fashion, your partner has no choice but to carry you on their back all night long!

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13. Superman and Wonder Woman

Show off your superhuman strength with this couple’s Halloween costume! Play it simple with just logo t-shirts of these superheroes, or go all out with the tights, leotards, and headgear.

14. Pretty Much Any Disney Couple

If you are short on time for your costume party, then this is the perfect option! First, think of your favorite Disney movie, and then just pick the lead couple in the movie to dress up as. Our faves from this category are Eugene and Rapunzel or Anna and Kristoff!

15. Angela and Dwight from The Office

The best couple out of this sitcom would be proud to see such a high resemblance with your awesome costumes! Obviously, you will need office wear to complete this outfit, but the best part comes from the accessories. Accessorize this look with beets and cats and you are good to go to your party!

16. Fire Dog and a Fireman

What is cuter than a puppy costume?! A fire puppy and a fireman! You can go the classic Dalmatian look with a fun fire hat while you man sports the firefighter outfit! No one will take the prize from this cute duo!

17. JFK and Jackie

The most iconic and easily recognizable couple has to be JFK and his wife, Jackie with their famous fashion sense! Woah your friends with this costume and practice your best presidential wave for when you walk in!

What is your favorite idea from the list? What has been your best costume so far? Share your best Halloween costumes with us in the comments below!

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