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Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

While Halloween isn’t for over a month, school has just started and sorority sisters are being united and reunited! Halloween costume planning takes time and effort so what better way for a Big and Little to bond than to create their Halloween costume as a duo? With studying and sorority activities surely piling up, it’s important to start planning early in order to nail your Halloween costume and show up to the party looking like the perfect pair! Here is a list of 10 Halloween costumes a Big can do with their Little!

1. Serena and Blair

This will work especially well if one is blonde and the other brunette, however a little styling can make these Gossip Girl character costumes work for anyone! For Serena, throw on a white button up, a fitted vest, a loosely knotted tie, gold necklaces, a plaid pleated skirt, and waves in your hair. Blair’s style is slightly more simple. A high-waisted skirt, tucked in button up, knee high socks, high heels, and of course her signature headband will complete the look! XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

2. Greek Goddesses

What better way to pay homage to sorority life than to dress up as Greek goddesses? A white gown or a sheet wrapped around you and over one shoulder will be a simple and sexy foundation. Adorn your costume with a gold belt and gold jewelry to bring out some Greek goddess vibes. Place a headband with gold leaf details in your hair, throw in some curls, and lace up a pair of strappy gladiator sandals and the look is complete! 

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

3. House Bunnies

While Ana Farris may not have officially been a “sister” in The House Bunny, you can still stay on theme with Greek life by dressing like her character from the hilarious Greek-life themed comedy. A push-up bra, pink crop top, mini skirt, and a set of bunny ears will be all you need to dress up like a “House Bunny!” Just don’t forget to BYOM!

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

4. Elsa and Anna

This always trendy Halloween costume is easy to either create yourself or find in most costume shops! A long blue dress and thick braid in your hair will transform you into Elsa. Anna’s costume needs just a few more pieces. Pigtail braids, a black top, blue skirt, and purple cape will do the trick! Just be ready for party-goers to be singing “Let It Go” to you both all night!

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

5. Kendall and Kylie

Why be sorority sisters when you can be REAL sisters? Kylie’s style is a little darker than Kendall’s, so throw on some black latex pants, a Travis Scott t-shirt, false lashes, and high heels to get her look. Don’t forger to wear a colored wig or throw some temporary turquoise color in your locks to achieve her aesthetic. For supermodel Kendall, keep the look simple and natural. Blue jeans, sneakers, and a loose white crop top should do it! Or go all out and dress as a Victoria’s Secret Angel to be Kendall in all her modeling glory!

6. Ruth and Debbie from Glow

This 80’s inspired costume should be easy to achieve! Brightly colored makeup, big hair, a spandex body suit, leg warmers, and neon tights will pull the look together in no time! You can style your hair in a side ponytail or curl and tease it to make it big and bold! With these easy steps, you and your sorority sis will be channeling these 80’s wrestlers like it’s nobody’s business!

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

7. Tom and Jerry

Animal costumes are always fun! One of you needs to wear a gray outfit for Tom, the cat, along with white gloves to resemble his furry white paws and a long tail tucked into your costume. The other should wear a brown outfit for Jerry, the mouse, a set of ears, and a tail. The style of the outfit is really up to you! As long as each of you are wearing a set of ears, everyone will know who you are!

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Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

8. North and Penelope

How stylish are these two? If you want to go as Kim’s daughter North, throw on a white leotard, tutu, blazer, tights, and ballet slippers. To pull the look together, put your hair up in a high, sleek bun. To go as North’s bestie and cousin Penelope, wear a similar ballerina outfit but dress in all black. Wear your hair in the same high bun and you two will be the cutest ballerina BFFS at the party!

9. Each other

The best way for a Big and Little to honor each other is to go as each other! This look will be super simple to achieve. The Big should wear an outfit that belongs to her Little that also represents her personality and overall style. The Little should do the same, pulling an outfit from her Big’s closet. Style your hair in a way that resembles the other’s and you’re good to go! Take it a step further and DIY some t-shirts that say “Big” on one and “Little” on the other and wear the opposite of which one you are so everyone knows exactly who you’re dressed as!

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

10. Maleficent and Aurora

Much like a Big mentors her Little, Maleficent was at one time a mentor for Aurora. To go as Maleficent, wear a pale foundation color on your face, red lipstick, black eye makeup, a black gown, and black horns glued to a headband. For Aurora, a long pink dress, curled hair, and a headband will tie the look together. No one will struggle to which Disney fairy tale you sisters are from!

Halloween Costumes A Big Can Do With Their Little

With Halloween just around the corner, coming up with an original costume be tough, especially when you want to dress up with your sorority sister! After checking out this list, which Big and Little Halloween costume do you think you and your sister will choose? Let us know which one of these ideas you both went within the comments below! 

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